Development North of Dennison on Keele

At 11/14 Council meeting there is a public meeting for a development application on east side of Keele just north of  Dennison.  As indicated in Staff report there is interest in seeing more diversity of housing forms in King City; hence this application for 18 townhome common element condominium units is very interesting.  Having said that I can see that there are some serious issues with the application as it is today, including substantially inadequate vegetation protection zone from natural heritage features.  You can read the report here.  This is the time for public to voice their concerns, ask questions.

In addition to the inadequate buffer zones I am disappointed in the architecture.  Too much of our recent builds include steep peaked roofs and gables; and as pointed out by one person already, this style is not in keeping with King City heritage.  I am also keen to see that development for the property in this application be partnered, at least from a planning stage, with the property to the north.

2 Responses to “ “Development North of Dennison on Keele”

  1. Don Eyles says:

    I agree….the developement seems too high in density for the size of the preoperty.
    On a related issue…we live on Norman Drive and head north on Keele in the morning.We have emailed you previously on the traffic issue(after my wife was involved in an accident) and it cleared up,,,it has now returned with a vengence.The southbound traffic has very few breaks to allow one to make a left turn…one usually has to rely on the traffic being backed up from King Road or for someone to stop and let you in…waving my hand for traffic to stop works sometimes….there are not a lot of kind souls out there who will let you in!


    • Debbie says:

      Hello Don, 1st…I do hope your wife has fully recovered. I am firmly in the camp of saying that we need a light north of Norman as are other members of Council. To date the Region is not in agreement. I will keep pushing. Debbie

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