Zoning Bylaw for King City and Schomberg

Final draft zoning by-law for King City and Schomberg is on Council Agenda for April 3rd.  This is the required public meeting for passing a zoning by-law; its unlikely that it will be passed at this meeting but we are very close. As I have commented before, reading a zoning bylaw is not exciting!  But, as it is this bylaw which guides what your community will look like in the future it is important!  To see the whole draft zoning bylaw and to review earlier drafts and input from meetings conducted over the last year click here.  I am very pleased to see that we are at this stage.  The amount of community engagement and the quality of the feedback has been key to the draft being as good as it is.

The link provided above is for the complete set of documents/maps. For the rest of this post I will provide links to individual documents/maps. Here is the draft zoning by-law for all 3 villages; once you get into you will see that the framework for all 3 villages is same; however, for each village there are specifics unique to that village. The first few pages are informative for understanding the scope of what is in the by-law. Then there are 30+pages of definitions and then another 40+pages with provisions; I suggest skimming over the table of contents to see if there is something of interest to you.

I recommend you put focus on part 5 beginning at page 93  (or page 105 of 219) which is entitled zone classifications and zone maps.   Review it with the objective of identifying how your property is classified in the draft by-law. In parallel you need to refer to the schedule showing maps of your village.  Schedule A  has the maps; King City has 4 as there is one for each quadrant.   Once you determine how your own property is classified  you can see how new homes within your zone are going to be built when/if the current ones are demolished.  You can see required  minimum setbacks, height limitations, restrictions on lot size.  The question to ask yourself is as follows: if the house next door to you, or across the street was knocked down, are you okay with what the property owner can build on that lot in terms of setbacks, height etc.

The other thing to consider is whether you are satisfied with the permitted uses in your neighbourhood.

Note: once the draft zoning by-law is approved, there is no impact on the current existing properties. But, when someone wants to build or expand a building the new zoning by-law will influence what can be done. If someone wants to sever their property, the requirements on lot size, frontages in the new zoning by-law will be required.

If you have feedback you can contact me directly or make a comment for the blog; alternatively you can attend Council meeting and/or send feedback directly to [email protected]


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