King City GO Train Survey: Updated Web Link

Updated GO Train Survey

To access GO train survey regarding changes to train station in King City here is the link.

As I said in an earlier post, this survey is important given the magnitude of changes to come.  I have heard from readers that links provided earlier did not function.

2 Responses to “ “King City GO Train Survey: Updated Web Link”

  1. Peter Iaboni says:

    Has anyone looked at statistics to show that you need Go trains going through King City every 15 minutes? That is a huge increase from the existing service. I have used weekend trains and they are half empty until they get to Maple. Since they are proposing a new stop at Rutherford, the 15minute should start there until the ridership increases. The greatest density is south of King. We need some leadership and closer analysis of the statistics.

    • Debbie says:

      Hi Peter, You have raised a good point but….i) If the ridership does not materialize I am sure Metrolinx will reduce frequency just as York Region Transit modifies their schedules in response to either low or high ridership. ii) The conondrum for public transit is changing well established habits; hence “good” service needs to be provided or you can be guaranteed that few will make the switch. iii) Personally I have interpreted the “every 15 minute” schedule as the definition of what they are building capacity for. I doubt that they will start with that on day 1. Glad you are enjoying the weekend service!

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