66 Main Street: intent to designate

December 11 Council agenda includes a report with a recommendation to give notice of intention to designate the principal residence at 66 Main Street Schomberg as a property meriting protection under the Ontario Heritage Act.  As reviewed this property merits such protection as it meets the criteria under the 3 categories even though it is only necessary to meet criteria of 1.  The 3 categories are that it has cultural heritage value, historical/associative value and contextual value.  The proposal to designate was initiated by Heritage Advisory Committee.  Given the deputations made at the public meeting November 13 it is evident that a significant number of residents are supportive of protecting this structure as part of a development on the property.  I am certain that preserving this structure and incorporating it into the development will result in a very positive outcome for both the property owner and the community.

Designation does not preclude change.  But rather it ensures that any changes made do not negatively impact the heritage value of the property; and it prohibits demolition.   Per the Ontario Heritage Act, structural integrity of the property is not a factor in determining worthiness of designation.

4 Responses to “ “66 Main Street: intent to designate”

  1. Greg Locke says:


    The Board of CCKT and our Membership could not be happier with tonight’s UNANIMOUS decision by Council to pass your motion of Intent to Designate 66 Main Street.

    Thanks to you for championing this with the Heritage Advisory Committee (HAC), Planning Staff and Council.

    • Debbie says:

      I am really pleased too. Important for both Schomberg community and Township. The support and interest of so many was very important.

  2. Sylvia Maksymiu says:

    Lets stay true to our name and remain the “historical” Schomberg that we claim to be!! This home is so rich with history and is at the main entrance to our village. Our family supports historical designation! Most Passersby only see the exterior of this magnificent home. The interior craftsmanship is exemplary and should be preserved!

    • Debbie says:

      Hello Sylvia, I haven’t seen enough of the interior to either agree or disagree with your comment about the interior. But, I thought I would take advantage of your interest in the interior to comment that designation of interiors is less popular these days as such truly restricts what a property owner can do. And, if it is a private property there is limited opportunity for public to see it anyway.

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