Public Meeting: Bushland Heights

Here is formal notice of the statutory public meeting for the development called Bushland Heights.  As indicated it will be on the February 5 Council meeting.  This development is on east side of Jane north of King Road.  At this meeting the developer presents their proposal and the initial Planning Report on it is presented.  Members of public are invited to identify their questions, concerns and/or support.  The Staff report will be on the Township website about February 1.

Although not one of the largest development applications in King it is a critical one.

  • As evident when you drive by it on Jane the topography of the land is very challenging, from a development perspective, because of steep grades and there are east Humber tributaries crossing it.
  • Both the King City Community Plan and the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan demand buffers from the natural heritage features.  To date we have respected the latter in all developments in King City unless building on a brownfield site.  We have also agreed to less buffers at a couple pinch points in the North East landowners development after ecological analysis was completed.  As indicated in the notice developer is asking for relief on the buffers.
  •  Bushland Heights is surrounded (except for their frontage on Jane) by another development which has not yet been approved, namely the Mansions of King.  As we assess Bushland we need to consider how it “fits ” with the Mansions.  The fact that the latter is only on paper makes it more challenging as it may still evolve.  (I would say change of the Mansions plan is likely as it is at early stage of an OMB hearing.


2 Responses to “ “Public Meeting: Bushland Heights”

  1. Arlene Heaps says:

    Whatever they want the answer should be NO…they don’t care about the environment. Thought you couldn’t build on the Oak Ridges Moraine, must be my imagination.
    Off that topic, do you know what Zancor plans on doing with the present Municipal office they just purchased? Also, do you know what is the future development of NE corner King & Keele?
    Thanks Debbie.

    • Debbie says:

      1. Building on the ORM is allowed providing that numerous conditions are respected. King City is a settlement area and hence development is allowed. This developer is challenging the conditions e.g. the buffers. 2. I do not know what Zancor’s plans are. They have purchased a property zoned for mixed use i.e. residential and commercial and on a road with public transit. I hope that their plan will include apartments on the floors above commercial so that we end up with some well located apartments which are in an affordable price range. 3.) No plan has been submitted for NE King/Keele.

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