Cannabis Retail in King?

On September 10 Council agenda there is a report on the question of  what King’s policy should be regarding cannabis retail stores operating in King.  As reviewed in the report the Province will permit a municipality  to “opt-out” with the opportunity to “opt-in” later if we so choose at a later date. Staff does not believe we need to make a decision immediately.  Given this and given that there are few details about the upcoming legislation I concur with not making a decision immediately.  For me a prerequisite for establishing such retail in King is locational criteria.  But, as there is no need for an immediate decision I think we should wait until there is more information.

2 Responses to “ “Cannabis Retail in King?”

  1. Jacquie Whitten says:

    As to establishing a retail cannabis shop in King I feel it should be no closer than 1 mile from the schools or the Go Train Station.

    • Debbie says:

      As I said in my post I think it is premature to be defining conditions for “opt-in.” But I am appreciative of your comment; as I have thought about this issue I must admit that proximity, or lack thereof, to the GO train station had not crossed my mind.

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