JaneKing Information Meeting

Wednesday Sept 12 from 6-8pm there is a developer hosted information meeting about the proposed development called “JaneKing.”  There was a public meeting for this development July 9; here is the Staff report presented at that meeting. At that meeting I expressed satisfaction that alternate residential formats are proposed; specifically town houses, semi detached and life style residential units, in addition to detached.  Given that King City is lacking alternate housing forms I am enthusiastic about this project although there are significant issues yet to be resolved or answered.  Some of these issues are:  proposal to reduce some of buffers; impact on adjacent landowners; infrastructure linkage with the Magna land, immediately south of JaneKing.

Its unfortunate that developer chose to host this meeting after the public meeting and I expressed this at the public meeting.  These information meetings (i.e. the one on Sept. 12) is the opportunity for the public to learn about the project in an informal meeting where discussion between public and developer is possible. Meeting is at the King City Seniors’ Centre, at 30 Fisher Street.  Here is the notice of the meeting.

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  1. Hans Martin says:

    “the Magna land, immediately north of JaneKing”

    I thought the MAGNA land was south of King/Jane. Hans

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