Plan For the 2019 Budget

At the Monday, November 12 Council meeting there is a report from Finance reviewing the plan for establishing the 2019 budget for operations and the 2019 and 2020 capital budget.  In 2016 we did the first two year capital budget and its my observation that it was a very worthwhile change in process; facilitated better planning which does enable better costs.  With a target of Council approval by 2/25 timing is aggressive but entirely appropriate as at that point already 2 of 12 months are gone.

Reminder:  November 12th Council meeting will be the last meeting with the current Council members and it will be in the new Town Hall.


2 Responses to “ “Plan For the 2019 Budget”

  1. Nancy Hopkinson says:

    Thanks for sending us the link to the 2019 Budget Plan. It is shocking to me to see the escalation of the costs of water and wastewater that the Region suggests is needed, 9% each year for many years is outrageous. In addition, the Township needs to charge abou 2-3 % more! The water rates have gone up astronomically and now I read this. Something is just not right.

    • Debbie says:

      Hello Nancy, Yes the cost escalation for our water is striking. As indicated in the report the wholesale price is increasing 9% each year in 2015-2020; as I recall YR must include amortization and reserves for future replacement/maintenance. I don’t understand the additional costs being cited on Township’s part. Potable water is a resource to be treasured; our cost structure does include stepped pricing to encourage conservation.

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