Parks Masterplan Update

On the March 18 agenda there is a very important Staff report:  an update on the Parks portion of the masterplan for Parks, Rcreation and Culture.   As indicated in the cover note/report that public feedback is wanted at this stage and that upon consideration of latter and other inputs Staff will come back with a final report.  Parks are important to the quality of our life; the report reviews the different kind of parks which have been created and which will need to be created as we grow. The need for renovating or upgrading current parks is identified; the capacity vs demand for different kinds of playing fields is reviewed.  One of the questions I will be asking is about the plans for expanding/modifying play infrastructure in the current parks to ensure all ages are being considered. (There is a tendency to address needs of those less than 11 years of age.) If you are unable to review and provide feedback at the 3/18 Council meeting I encourage you to send your feedback to the Director at [email protected]


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  1. Ellen Hoffmann says:

    I was disappointed that it seemed as if no attention would be paid to trails for three or four years. The existing King trail needs maintenance and planning needs to get ahead of development so that trails are linked and functional.

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