Public Meeting: Keele and Dennison

There is public meeting at Council on Monday, March 18 for the development application at Keele/Dennison Dr. It is an application for intensification by building 56 town house units.  I think there are some important issues which need to be addressed as I review further below and am pleased that the Staff have indicated same in their report.    Having said that I do believe that this is the right location for intensification in King City and I have long talked about the need for alternative forms of housing.  If you have questions or comments come to the public meeting to express them; you do not need to register to make adeputation.  If you are unable to attend send your comments to [email protected] who will distribute your comments.

I have two major concerns about the application.  First the proposed density is very high; said differently I think 56 units are too many.  Second, I am not satisfied with the proposal to move into the 30 m minimum vegetative protection zone and to compensate such with adding to the buffer elsewhere on the property.  In addition I need to understand better how the property is going to perform in significant rain conditions:  as indicated in the report lots coverage is much greater than the zoning bylaw and there is not data provided about amount of permeable surface.  I agree with the Staff comment that a there needs to be a different built format where the Stateview property is adjacent to the established subdivision so that it is more respectful.

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  1. Mary Elmhirst says:

    Hello Debbie.
    Thanks once again for your excellent site.
    We attended the council meeting on March 18. Your concern for maintenance of the townhouse front yards on Keele Street was right on. For a comparable streetview, visit the unmaintained front yards of the townhouses fronting on Bayview north of Wellington.
    Out of curiosity, how are cars going to access Keele Street from this development? It is already quite difficult to turn left onto Keele during rush hour. Add to that the increases in Keele traffic resulting from the proposed 1000 home subdivision south of Bloomington and those poor souls will never get out!
    Thanks again for your hard work.

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