Climate Protection Plan

On the May 13 Council agenda there is report identifying how the the Township will develop and ultimately execute a plan for reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas.  As indicated we have base line data from 2012 against which we can measure progress.  Goals are proposed.  When I compare the latter to what was in our original 5 year Integrated Community Sustainability Plan of 2012 I am pleased to see far more specificity.  I question whether our targets are aggressive enough as the target of 30% reduction in corporate energy emissions (kg of eCO2) by 2030 (vs 2012) is same as we set in 2012.  Urgency today is much greater than we perceived in 2012.  As report indicates increased investments in energy management initiatives will be required and will need to considered in the 2020 budget process.  I look forward to seeing full plan at 6/24/19 Council meeting for

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