King City NE Landowners Draft Plan

At the August 8th Council meeting there is a large report from Staff recommending approval of the draft plans of subdivision be approved subject to identified detailed conditions.  This development in the north east quadrant of King City is complex given its size and the participation of 7 landowners. I have several questions including how to incorporate a higher level of “sensitivity” to our recent recognition of the urgency to respond to carbon induced climate change.

For each of the 7 there is a plan with conditions; and all 7 plans are integrated through the FSDAS (functional servicing/development area study). The FSDAS plan includes 3 parks (2 neighbourhood/1 community), 1 school block, trails, multi-use path and residential units (910 single detached/84 towns/77 lifestyle). Population in this total development is estimated at 1,029.   I have made posts on this development for the past 3 years at various stages. 

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  1. J. Bruce Craig says:

    Hi Debbie, I share your questions about how specific aspects of this proposed complex development with a projected population over 3000 can be better tuned to the climate urgency and the need to rapidly reduce carbon and other GHG emissions. House design and construction materials that are highly energy efficient, and resource efficient are needed. Excess building materials should be avoided.
    Roof pitches should be designed for the suitable mounting and angling of solar panels, wiring for EV charging should be in place, exploring geothermal heating and cooling would be beneficial, a multi-use path should be in place as new residents move in.
    Permeable surfaces need to be incorporated at 50+% on each lot, and the planting of trees in both the front and back yards of homes should be part of the landscape design. Trees play an important role in sequestering carbon, filtering air, cooling homes and yards, and retaining water.
    Thank you for opening up this discussion. B. Craig

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