My Record 2014-2018

My Record 2nd Term (2014-2018)

I found it personally rewarding to participate in these important initiatives.

Careful strategic financial management

Building our infrastructure reserves; as of Dec. 31, 2017 it is $14.665 million vs $5.8 in 2015.

Benefits: for both current and future residents & businesses there is capital available to address long term infrastructure needs (maintenance, rehabilitation and reconstruction). 

Leveraging Development Charges, partnerships and our real estate to fund needed infrastructure

Benefits:  minimizing tax payer dollars spent to deliver desired services

Sensitive to overall cost of living pressures on tax payers

Benefits:  The Township portion of 2018 property tax, very specifically, is lower than it would have been if I had not considered other cost pressures and the increase in MPAC assessment.

 Streetscaping on Keele Street   and King Road

Keele  Street (King Road to Station Road) in process as of June 2018

King Road (from new municipal office to Library) is in the budget for execution 2019

Benefits:  visual improvement and smooth sidewalks which are safe to walk on and are accessible for strollers and wheelchairs

New Municipal Hall

Benefits:  In contrast to the current crowded Hall, the new Hall will be a place where residents and businesses can carry out their business with the municipality easily and efficiently. The design also includes new community space, specifically a gymnasium, and a substation for York Region Police.

Target commencement of use is late fall 2018.

The financing plan is sustainable; it respects the tax payers of today and tomorrow

  • total budget $21.5 million
  •  50% ($10.5 million) from sale of property (2075 King Road)
  • debenture financing $4 million remainder from York Region Police, Development Charges, Infrastructure Reserve

New community hub in King City (expansion of King City Library and new King City Seniors Centre adjacent to library.)

Benefits:  For the Seniors there is improved programming opportunities and more space. For the library users there is not only more space but a configuration appropriate for contemporary needs and the digital world.

The financing plan is sustainable; it respects the tax payers of today and tomorrow.

  • total budget $10.7 million
  • 50% funded by Development Charges (DC’s)
  • 28% ($3 million) funded by 10-year debenture.

Protecting Our Established Neighbourhoods:  I have opposed severance applications.  I have actively participated in the development of the new zoning bylaws for the 3 villages.

Benefits:  Directs intensification to the “right” areas of the villages, namely not in the mature neighbourhoods.  Enables fulfillment of the desire for replacement homes larger than originals but also limits the magnitude of the increases to respect the current character of the mature neighbourhoods.

Conversion of all street lamps to LED

Benefits:  LED are significantly more energy efficient; pay out is estimated to be 8 years.  In most cases the quality of the illumination is brighter while reducing light pollution. Its anticipated that conversion will be completed by fall 2018.

Refurbished Roads of interest to Ward 5

Station Road was rebuilt in 2016 and Collard Drive was done following year.

And of interest and value to all King Township residents:  19th SDRD from Hwy 27 to Rebellion Way was resurfaced in 2018 for $865,000. Initial proposal from Engineering was to rebuild the road for $2.4 million.  I challenged this as it was an inappropriate road design for its rural setting and it was too expensive.

Commencement of installing broadband internet to rural areas

Benefits:  Enables everyone to have access to internet which has been declared a fundamental right. Eliminates a competitive disadvantage to businesses by providing reliable, cost effective infrastructure.  Enables students to carry out their studies efficiently.

Protecting and celebrating our cultural heritage

As a very active member on the Heritage Advisory Committee I am particularly proud of 3 initiatives.

  • We recommended to Council to designate 66 Main Street in Schomberg.
  • We re-instituted the annual King Heritage Awards in 2017 to engage the greater population in recognizing our numerous historical buildings and to show appreciation to property owners of their stewardship.
  • We renewed our engagement with the very popular annual Doors Open Event by participating in 2016 and 2017.

Laskay Hall moved to Heritage & Cultural Centre

Benefits:   We saved and restored an important designated historical building. Very importantly once again the community will be able to hold events there.  A grand re-opening is being hosted by Friends of Laskay in September.

Partnership with Arts Society King (ASK)  I have been a non-voting member of ASK board for several years. I am delighted that there is now a 3-year partnership agreement between Township and ASK.

Benefits:  provides the foundation for Township to work directly with ASK to promote, support and advocate for arts and culture.  ASK’s track record features innovate events and programs which can only be better as there is now this formal multi-year agreement.


Sustainability  I have continued to be an active member of the Sustainability Advisory Committee. Its all too easy to focus on one of the four pillars (environmental, socio-cultural, finance, economic) at the expense of the others.  SAC, composed of citizens, Staff and Council members, assesses issues considering all four; and very importantly identifies and executes opportunities to engage the community.

Responsive to complaints about traffic        When there are complaints about speeding I request Staff to monitor the area and get the facts.  There are also complaints about the safety of egress, particularly for roads leading onto Regional arterial roads.  When I heard complaints about Cavell and Keele I persuaded York Region to do the monitoring and to assess the topography.  The latter revealed that there was a risk which could be mitigated with a flashing light over the road.

New and/or important amendments to by-laws

Zoning By-law for King City and Schomberg       Benefits:  Provides better protection of the character in the established neighbourhoods without stifling the modern sensibility.

Zoning By-law for Cannabis    Benefits:  ensures new growing facilities are in the right place and that the facilities’ infrastructure provides appropriate controls e.g. air ventilation.  It also provides a mechanism for encouraging property owners, already established, to improve their operations.

Amendments to Sign Bylaw   Benefits:  achieved a balance between needs of our business community to promote their services and merchandise and our desire to not diminish the aesthetic of our streetscapes and landscapes with signs.  Also provided clarity on length of time contractor signs can be erected on private properties where work is being done.

Amendments to Animal Control Bylaw   Benefit:  Bylaw Officers can now respond to a threatening dog before it bites or attacks someone.

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