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Collaboration For Better Results

There is a Staff report on Sept. 10 agenda which reviews the various initiatives being conducted by the N6 (the northern 6 lower tier municipalities in York Region).  By participating I believe King is getting very good value:  alone it would cost far more and/or we would not get the same quality.

Why Vote To Re-Elect Debbie Schaefer

I want to be re-elected as Councillor for Ward 5.  Why should you vote for me?

My work during the current term (2014-2018) shows that I have delivered value to my constituents.  I have posted a summary of key initiatives including strategic financial management, road works, protecting established neighbourhoods, protecting & celebrating cultural heritage.  Click here for greater detail. I have also participated in other activities which are outside the more traditional scope of a municipal councillor; read here to learn more.

If re-elected I will continue to deliver value to my current constituents recognizing that its imperative to be considering future needs as King grows and our demographics change. My platform includes increasing the mix of housing options, improving protection of established neighbourhoods, maintaining high environmental standards, supporting our current businesses, continuing to be strategic with our financial choices.  Read here to learn much more.

You can access all of the above mentioned information by either clicking on links identified OR by clicking on the tabs at top of home page.   I look forward to hearing your comments.

Community Guide

Be sure you have your fall/winter Community Guide. There are lots of new programs and options:  family public skating passes, new picnic shelters in King City and Nobleton.  In addition to the recreational programs there is information about cultural events and updates about several environmental stewardship programs.

If you did not receive it with the King Weekly Sentinel, you can pick up one at the community centres, libraries and Township Office.

The Buzz


Pollinator Event for all ages:  eco activities, entertainment.   Saturday September 8 at Cold Creek Conservation Area


King Ranks 18th best place to live in Canada

We always knew that King is a wonderful place to live;now it is recognized by MoneySense magazine.  King is ranked as the the best place to live in York Region and the 18th best place in Canada.  Here is the summary from King Connection.  To see the data and to check out other places here is the link.

SPEAKING: new way to give input

King has launched a new online engagement tool, SPEAKING where residents can get involved in key projects of interest to them. The tool includes surveys, discussion forums, question and answer opportunities. I have attended a couple demonstrations of it and I am impressed. My optimism about the potential is heightened by the experience of other municipalities. Residents often do not have the time to attend council and other meetings; and too often reports are lengthy. The intent of SPEAKING is to make it easier for people to understand the issue and to provide feedback. You can access SPEAKING at I urge you to check it out and register. As you will see the first two projects are village streetscaping and the renewal of the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan.

I received a testimonial about SPEAKING a couple days ago. “Just heard about SPEAKING. I may be the first to sign up. I am registered. Wow, looks like a lot of work went into this. Very informative.”Here is the press release with more information.



Facilities Masterplan draft

Parks Recreation & Culture is commencing the renewal of its 5 year master; one was done in 2013 which has guided initiatives since then and now its time to look forward 5 years. At July 9 Council a draft of the plan focusing on Facilities was presented. The issues identified in this plan are critical for the 2019 budget and beyond. For example we need to decide whether we fund a thorough “invasive” investigation of the facilities to determine condition or do we add significant contingencies to any building project. More complex will be determining whether we will maintain buildings where usage is low and/or declining. I encourage you to look over this report and provide feedback.

In fall and winter plans will be presented for Parks & Forestry Services and Community Services.

Note: Its not my practice to report on Council decisions after they are made. Due to technical issues I was not able to make a post on this report before the July 9 Council meeting. As it is still possible to provide feedback I am posting now.

King City Library and Seniors Centre is Approved!

Council has approved the construction and the budget for the King City Library and Seniors Centre. This community hub meets the needs of our Seniors and our library users. For the Seniors there is benefit due to a change in programme opportunities and more space. For the library users there is not only more space but a configuration appropriate for contemporary needs and the digital world. Very importantly this facility is being financed in a manner respectful of the tax payor. Total budget is $10.7 million. 50% is funded by development charges. 28% ($3 million) is funded by a 10 year debenture. Staff report provides full review.


Bylaw For Cannabis Operations

At June 25 meeting Council approved zoning bylaw amendments to introduce zoning regulations regarding the growing of cannabis. The regulations define where such may be feasible and infrastructure requirements for having such an operation.

Its not my practice to report on Council decisions after they are made. Due to technical issues I was not able to review this report before the July 9 Council meeting. Given that the topic is important because of changing legislation I assume there is interest in knowing that King is addressing this.

Municipal Election 2018




I am delighted that I will continue to be at the Council table!  Thank you for your vote of confidence.

I ran for re-election as I wanted to continue serving King residents and businesses as I felt good about my contributions.   Furthermore I knew that there are challenges and opportunities ahead for the Township which require analysis, debate and tough decision making.