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Dementia: developments globally and in York Region

Dementia is a cruel disease.  And its frightening when you don’t know how to help a loved one and/or you don’t really understand it.  On Friday, September 21 9 AM-1PM there is conference at King City Arena.  Experts will speak about developments on care options around the world. And there will be speakers to talk about services and options for care in York Region.  Here is the poster for the event.  As indicated its free but registration is required.



Terry Fox Run in King City

Legacy of Terry Fox continues in King City on Sunday 9/16 with the Terry Fox Run. It  starts at Wellesley Park (northwest corner of Keele/King Road) at 9.   Register and learn more about the Run here.   I believe this is the 13th year for this event under the leadership of a King City resident.  Many thanks to her for doing this.

JaneKing Information Meeting

Wednesday Sept 12 from 6-8pm there is a developer hosted information meeting about the proposed development called “JaneKing.”  There was a public meeting for this development July 9; here is the Staff report presented at that meeting. At that meeting I expressed satisfaction that alternate residential formats are proposed; specifically town houses, semi detached and life style residential units, in addition to detached.  Given that King City is lacking alternate housing forms I am enthusiastic about this project although there are significant issues yet to be resolved or answered.  Some of these issues are:  proposal to reduce some of buffers; impact on adjacent landowners; infrastructure linkage with the Magna land, immediately south of JaneKing.

Its unfortunate that developer chose to host this meeting after the public meeting and I expressed this at the public meeting.  These information meetings (i.e. the one on Sept. 12) is the opportunity for the public to learn about the project in an informal meeting where discussion between public and developer is possible. Meeting is at the King City Seniors’ Centre, at 30 Fisher Street.  Here is the notice of the meeting.

Parking Study

At September 10 Council the report from the consultants who have studied the parking (both demand and supply) in the 3 villages is on the agenda.  I know that many business owners and residents participated.    The report indicates that the problem today is one of poor capacity utilization i.e. there is the space, we aren’t using it. Recommendations, of which many can be implemented fairly quickly, are presented. Very importantly there are also recommendations how to plan for future demand growth.   The link above is the consultant’s report; here is the Staff Report introducing it. I have several clarification type questions but in general I agree.  I admit to being very surprised that the evidence shows that there is adequate capacity within reasonable distance from the destinations.



Cannabis Retail in King?

On September 10 Council agenda there is a report on the question of  what King’s policy should be regarding cannabis retail stores operating in King.  As reviewed in the report the Province will permit a municipality  to “opt-out” with the opportunity to “opt-in” later if we so choose at a later date. Staff does not believe we need to make a decision immediately.  Given this and given that there are few details about the upcoming legislation I concur with not making a decision immediately.  For me a prerequisite for establishing such retail in King is locational criteria.  But, as there is no need for an immediate decision I think we should wait until there is more information.

Mayor’s Monarch Pledge

The September 10 report on the Monarch pledge is a “breath of fresh air.” The subject matter is energizing and it was triggered by concerns expressed by Grade 1 students at Country Day School! As reviewed in the report, our commitment already in place as a Bee City, meets much of the criteria for making our pledge  to restore the monarch butterfly habitat in King.

Official Plan Review

On September 10 Council agenda there is a report identifying how we are going to complete the Official Plan Review. Without question I regret the need to spend an additional $75,000.  Also without question the process has taken far too long.  Having said that I believe we need to get on with it.  The schedule provided in the report shows approval in September 2019 which is realistic.

Recycling Update

September 10 Council agenda includes a Staff report on recycling, specifically, how the contents of our blue boxes is being managed and how that might change.  As reviewed there are a number of possible changes ahead which could impact the blue box program.  The changes are not unexpected as they have been triggered by the 2016 Waste Free Ontario Act but as the transition of responsibility to the Producers has not been completed and there is a new government there are uncertainties on final execution which need to be resolved.

Collaboration For Better Results

There is a Staff report on Sept. 10 agenda which reviews the various initiatives being conducted by the N6 (the northern 6 lower tier municipalities in York Region).  By participating I believe King is getting very good value:  alone it would cost far more and/or we would not get the same quality.

Why Vote To Re-Elect Debbie Schaefer

I want to be re-elected as Councillor for Ward 5.  Why should you vote for me?

My work during the current term (2014-2018) shows that I have delivered value to my constituents.  I have posted a summary of key initiatives including strategic financial management, road works, protecting established neighbourhoods, protecting & celebrating cultural heritage.  Click here for greater detail. I have also participated in other activities which are outside the more traditional scope of a municipal councillor; read here to learn more.

If re-elected I will continue to deliver value to my current constituents recognizing that its imperative to be considering future needs as King grows and our demographics change. My platform includes increasing the mix of housing options, improving protection of established neighbourhoods, maintaining high environmental standards, supporting our current businesses, continuing to be strategic with our financial choices.  Read here to learn much more.

You can access all of the above mentioned information by either clicking on links identified OR by clicking on the tabs at top of home page.   I look forward to hearing your comments.