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Bill 108: risks as to how we grow

On May 27 agenda there is Staff report reviewing the implications of the Province’s proposed Bill 108 called “More Homes, More Choice Act.” This Bill, if passed as is, has significant impact on how our communities evolve:  what is built, how it is built. More specifically, density, services, amenities and property taxes for both current and future residents.  In addition the enormity of the proposed changes to current legislation the Bill is very concerning as there is such limited time for feedback and there has been such limited consultation. I strongly urge you to at minimum read the Staff report; here is link to the Act.   Its my opinion that
this Act seriously undermines good planning which could deliver strong inclusive communities, a healthy  environment and (more…)

Protecting Farmland

On Wednesday, April 10 7-9 there is a meeting focused on farmland in King Township and Ontario, and the importance of preserving productive farmland into the long term future.  Concerned Citizens of King Township are hosting it with guest speakers from the Ontario Farmland Trust and FarmLINK.  For many years the issue of our farmland, specifically on how it is continues to be paved over, has been an issue of concern.  The proposed Bill 66 escalated concerns in its original form as it clearly threatened the Greenbelt and its farmlands.  Fortunately the outrage was strong enough that Schedule 10 was removed from the Bill but risks continue given the Province’s intent to modify the Growth Plan.  The April 10 meeting will be an excellent way to learn about policies protecting our farmland and to network with others who recognize the importance of this issue.  The meeting is in Schomberg at the Community Hall (325 Main Street.)

Growth Plan Proposed Changes

On 2/25 Council agenda there is a staff report reviewing the proposed submission to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs as a response to proposed changes to several pieces of legislation including  the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe and several others. As I write this post there is much that I do not fully understand.  The potential changes are significant and may happen fairly quickly; hence I want to give you some comments.  You can do your own research and ask questions and/or submit comments on the Environmental Registry.


Bill 66 Section 10

On Council 1/14 agenda there is a report on Bill 66 which includes the Planning Staff’s recommendations for feedback to the Province by January 20.  In earlier posts I have reviewed why I consider Bill 66 Section to be regressive and bad for communities. My perspective is not changed.   It is said that the Bill is all about giving control to the municipalites so that they can act quickly to attract businesses.   It is really about giving control to a property owner in order to build a factory on lands currently protected.  Per Bill 66 a property owner with such lands asks the municipality to implement an open for business bylaw (OfB); and a willing municipality can choose to comply with no public consultation.  The Bill is very short sighted:  both about the consequences and the benefits. (more…)

Keele One

At last Council meeting (December 10) there was a report on Keele One.  Several residents made deputations citing concerns:  about process and some specific details.  I can appreciate that some citizens were somewhat surprised that we were at the stage of approving the plan  as it had been some time since the project had been at Council.  There was a lengthy hiatus due to new issues being identified by TRCA which had to be addressed; as the latter was successfully resolved we could finally move forward with an implementing bylaw. As a result of the deputations changes were made to by-law:  potential uses in the commercial space was reduced and the floor space calculation was better defined.  Here is the implementing by-law.