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Draft Official Plan: presentation 11/30

The Official Plan Review team will be introducing the first working draft of One King, King Township’s new draft official plan to Committee of the Whole in a working session meeting on Thursday, November 30 at 7PM in Council Chambers.  Members of the public are invited to attend the presentation to learn about the new draft official plan and the next steps of the review process. Opportunities for public comment and participation will be provided in subsequent forums.  The draft is anticipated to be released to the public in December 2017. Early in 2018, a Public Open House and subsequent formal Pubic Meeting will be held where members of the public can ask questions and provide comments. For a review of Official Plan process to date see here.


Committee Of Adjustment: Review by Planning

Planning Department is proposing to engage more routinely in the Committee of Adjustment (CofA) process.  The latter is the process whereby property owners request “minor variances,” in addition to consent/severance applications.  To date Planning Staff do provide advice on the latter to the Committee but do not for the former.  For reasons identified in the report I believe their plan to provide advice for minor variances is very welcomed.  But, I do wonder about the effort to do so and if it is feasible within current budget.   Here is report.  

As indicated, the ultimate decision on minor variance still rests with the Committee.

Zoning By-law King City & Schomberg Complete

On June 26 Council agenda there is a report recommending the approval of the new King City & Schomberg Zoning By-law.  As I indicated recently I think this new zoning by-law is a very big step improvement in the regulations for what is built and what activities  occur within the two villages.  It provides well thought out regulations for new residential properties in the established neighbourhoods so that the character of the latter is not lost but yet the desires for different housing than what was built years ago are not denied.  The regulations for the Core Area are far more encouraging for appropriate development.  Finally, given the significant heavy rainfall experienced very recently the wisdom of incorporating minimum pervious surface requirements is very obvious. Click here to access report, maps and the by-law.  (After you click, scroll down to 2nd agenda item.)  I am very appreciative of the effort (more…)

Zoning Bylaw for King City and Schomberg

Final draft zoning by-law for King City and Schomberg is on Council Agenda for April 3rd.  This is the required public meeting for passing a zoning by-law; its unlikely that it will be passed at this meeting but we are very close. As I have commented before, reading a zoning bylaw is not exciting!  But, as it is this bylaw which guides what your community will look like in the future it is important!  To see the whole draft zoning bylaw and to review earlier drafts and input from meetings conducted over the last year click here.  I am very pleased to see that we are at this stage.  The amount of community engagement and the quality of the feedback has been key to the draft being as good as it is.


Mary Lake Subdivision: questions answered

As reviewed in an earlier post the development of the Marys Lake subdivision is progressing.  In that post I voiced uncertainty on my part as to what is happening at the far north western sections.  Having got answers to my questions I am satisfied that the issues identified earlier about the environmental risks with development in that area have not been forgotten and that the then proposed “solutions” are being respected.  Specifically, further development in that block (identified as block 88) have significant hurdles to overcome as that block is essentially land locked; there is no access to a public road.