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York Region Growth Scenarios

At Council on July 6 there will be a presentation by York Region Staff: “addressing growth to 2041: analysing and refining draft growth scenarios.”  The presentation is very timely as we are going through the process of updating our Official Plan (OP). I encourage those who are engaged in the OP process to attend if possible.  The presenter is the Manager of Policy, Research and Forecasting Planning and Economic Development Branch.

Review of the Plans: provide your feedback

If you are concerned about maintaining and/or increasing the protection of the Oak Ridges Moraine and the protected countryside of the Greenbelt I urge you to submit your comments to the Province by May 28th. I believe changes are required to better protect our agricultural lands in a manner which enables the stewards of these lands (i.e. food farmers, horse breeders etc.) to be successful.  We need growth to be contained within the current urban boundaries so that the open spaces (farmland, natural heritage features) are preserved and that our communities grow within the urban boundaries with transit and other features which make them great places to live. We need to protect our water and to be addressing climate change. We need the Province to look long term and to maintain & improve policies so that as our communities grow efficiently we are protecting our farmland & forests.

There is a lot of support for maintaining and even growing the Greenbelt as people want the outcomes (more…)

Nobleton Zoning By-law: time to review the draft

As indicated earlier a draft of the zoning by-law for Nobleton will be reviewed at June 3rd meeting at St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, 5750 King Road. Presentation is at 7PM; meeting will be from 6:30-9PM.  You can review the draft by clicking here and scrolling down.
If you are uncertain about the project please refer to earlier posts I have made on the topic.



Nobleton Zoning By-law–next meeting

The draft of a new zoning by-law is the subject of a public meeting on June 3, 7-9PM.  Meeting will be held at St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, 5750 King Road. (The Church is about 1 km east of Hwy 27.) As indicated on the notice for the meeting the draft by-law will be made available in advance of the meeting; at time of writing this post it has not been made public.  As this initiative is important to both Nobleton residents and others throughout the Township as it will be a template for new zoning by-laws elsewhere I am alerting you to the meeting so you can reserve time on your calendar.

The zoning by-law is what influences what the built form will look like in Nobleton.  If you have not been involved to date and/or are not sure what this is all about would like to refer you to my earlier postings on the subject.

Public Meetings for the Review of the 4 Plans

Thursday (5/14) I attended the last of the 17 public meetings conducted to get input from citizens for the review of the 4 Provincial Plans (Niagara Escarpment, Oak Ridges Moraine, Greenbelt and Growth Plan).  This was the second one I attended; the other one being an earlier one in Caledon.  We heard last evening that ~3,000 people in total have attended; and my personal experience was that it was attended by very engaged, thoughtful persons. It was good use of my time; and I was delighted to see King Township residents at the sessions.


King’s Input to the Review of the 4 Plans

In a previous post I summarized my response to the Staff report recommending input to the Provincial Review of the 4 Plans (Niagara Escarpment, Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan, Greenbelt Plan and Growth Plan.) I indicated that there was one point that I was in disagreement with.  Although it turned out that my understanding of the recommendation was not completely accurate, the correct interpretation is still worrisome as it is essentially asking for a road map to allow removal of “protected” lands and to convert them to employment lands. I find it “worrisome” as I believe that the only way we are going to save lands for growing our food, for giving us the luxury of (more…)

Review of 3 Conservation Plan & Places To Grow

The draft Township Response to Province on 1st stage of review is on May 11th agenda; you can read it here; see item 10.5. My top concerns are well addressed in the draft:  no expansion of the urban boundaries; recommendations on how to introduce secondary uses to agriculture lands without losing focus on the need to protect our farm lands;recommendations to address the need for expertise on executing the Plan including use of  Commission model; improving effort to protect water sources.  My one strong disagreement with the draft is the inclusion of a request to reclassify lands at 400/King Road as employment lands:  the need for such has not been defined; it is a 1st step to urban development outside the village boundaries.

Conversion of the lands at south east quadrant of 400/King Road from protected countryside (Greenbelt) to prestige employment lands has emerged as an idea several times; and in fact it is in (more…)

Planning Initiatives: Your Input is wanted!

There are a number of initiatives in process which will have a significant impact on how King Township evolves over the next decade and beyond; specifically the King Township Official Plan Review and the Provincial Review of the 4 Plans (i.e. 3 conservation plans and the growth plan).  I know that many residents and business owners are involved which is great.  If you have been thinking about getting involved now is the time as there are several important meetings/dates coming up.

The review and updating of the Official Plan for King Township is well underway.  Deadline for comments and feedback for the Phase 1 Background and Information Paper is April 30th.  This paper will guide the next phase which is when policies will developed for consideration.  For more information about the official plan review click here.   And here is the information paper. 

The review of the 4 plans is also well underway.  Several public meetings have been held already; the next one in close proximity to King is Tuesday, May 12th in Vaughan (Chateau Le Jardin Conference & Event Centre 8440 Hwy 27, Woodbridge.)  The open house portion is 6-7 with the meeting being 7-9.  To understand better the purpose of the review and the process I would like to refer you an earlier post I made on the subject.  I believe that it is extremely important the Province hears from many, many people that urban sprawl must stop, that protection of our agricultural lands and the sources of our water is a priority. 

King Township will be making a submission regarding the 4 plans to the Province.   To provide input you can attend one of two  public meetings on April 23rd or you can submit your input via email.  Both meeting are in Council Chambers; one is 2-4 pm and the other is 7-9pm.  For more detail see here. 


One King: 2015 Official Plan Review

Review of our Official Plan continues.  Its evident that people are interested:  >80 attended the March 10 meeting.  The Phase One Background and Information Paper is on the 3/23 Council.  If you would like to make public comments you can certainly do so; but, as there is alot of material included in the Paper I am happy to tell you that comments can be submitted until April 30, 2015.  Here is the information paper. 

I am not going to make any comments on the paper at this point except to encourage you to look at it and make your comments.  (Page 2 features an index…you can look over it and select the topics of particularly interest to you as opposed to reading all 180 pages.)

Trails Strategy

I have just published a post about the draft trails strategy and have heard from a couple people that the link to the strategy does not work.  I have checked it and it does work; it is a large PDF so perhaps the size is causing some difficulties.  At my computer it takes nearly a minute to download.   As alternative you can try to access if via the Council agenda but there will likely be same issue; click here.