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Official Plan Phase Two

The recommended policy direction for the King Township Official Plan (OP) is available here.  The public meeting is Thursday September 24 at the Township Office (2075 King Road) from 6:30-8PM with a formal presentation beginning at 7.

Most of the policy points presented for residential land use  flow from a conclusion that current plans for intensification and the greenfield sites in our villages (i.e. those lands planned to be developed and assigned certain densities but not yet approved not built) are not adequate to achieve the population target of 34,900 by 2031.

Given this the following are key policy directions proposed:

  • no additional intensification than currently planned across Township i.e. no more than 920 in total
  • shift some of the intensification to King City away from Nobleton because of servicing constraints in the latter
  • achieve intensification on regional roads and close to core and not in the established neighbourhoods
  • maintain character of established neighbourhoods with policies prohibiting new lot creation and  regulating development on the established lots.
  • higher densities in the greenfield sites


Official Plan Review: phase 2

Thursday, September 24 th

6:30 PM  (presentation & discussion 7-8PM)

King Township Office, 2075 King Road, King City

We are well into this long over due review & update our Official Plan.  To quickly see what has transpired already I suggest you look at the Township summary.  And on the summary there are links to papers and presentations previously presented.  I anticipate that prior to the 9/24 meeting a draft version will be made available.  If you haven’t already got involved in this I urge you to do so now if you are interested in influencing how the Township evolves i.e. where businesses can locate, where agriculture is to conducted, boundaries of hamlets and villages etc. etc.

OPA Application: new lot on Keele

There will be a public meeting at Council on September 28 to hear an application for an Official Plan Amendment to enable the creation of a new lot on the east side of Keele north of King Road (specifically south of East Humber Drive.  Here is the public notice. The Staff report will be publicly available the middle of the preceeding week

OPA Application by Hickory Hills

There is a public meeting at Council on Aug. 24th regarding the Official Plan Amendment Application by Hickory Hills. (Here is formal notice of the meeting with some detail.) This application was initially presented in May 2011.  Given that much time has passed this public meeting is being held; for those following this effort to create 2 new lots, you will find that there have been some changes to lot sizes along with other things.  Here is the Staff report.

York Region Growth Scenarios

At Council on July 6 there will be a presentation by York Region Staff: “addressing growth to 2041: analysing and refining draft growth scenarios.”  The presentation is very timely as we are going through the process of updating our Official Plan (OP). I encourage those who are engaged in the OP process to attend if possible.  The presenter is the Manager of Policy, Research and Forecasting Planning and Economic Development Branch.

Review of the Plans: provide your feedback

If you are concerned about maintaining and/or increasing the protection of the Oak Ridges Moraine and the protected countryside of the Greenbelt I urge you to submit your comments to the Province by May 28th. I believe changes are required to better protect our agricultural lands in a manner which enables the stewards of these lands (i.e. food farmers, horse breeders etc.) to be successful.  We need growth to be contained within the current urban boundaries so that the open spaces (farmland, natural heritage features) are preserved and that our communities grow within the urban boundaries with transit and other features which make them great places to live. We need to protect our water and to be addressing climate change. We need the Province to look long term and to maintain & improve policies so that as our communities grow efficiently we are protecting our farmland & forests.

There is a lot of support for maintaining and even growing the Greenbelt as people want the outcomes (more…)

Nobleton Zoning By-law: time to review the draft

As indicated earlier a draft of the zoning by-law for Nobleton will be reviewed at June 3rd meeting at St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, 5750 King Road. Presentation is at 7PM; meeting will be from 6:30-9PM.  You can review the draft by clicking here and scrolling down.
If you are uncertain about the project please refer to earlier posts I have made on the topic.



Nobleton Zoning By-law–next meeting

The draft of a new zoning by-law is the subject of a public meeting on June 3, 7-9PM.  Meeting will be held at St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, 5750 King Road. (The Church is about 1 km east of Hwy 27.) As indicated on the notice for the meeting the draft by-law will be made available in advance of the meeting; at time of writing this post it has not been made public.  As this initiative is important to both Nobleton residents and others throughout the Township as it will be a template for new zoning by-laws elsewhere I am alerting you to the meeting so you can reserve time on your calendar.

The zoning by-law is what influences what the built form will look like in Nobleton.  If you have not been involved to date and/or are not sure what this is all about would like to refer you to my earlier postings on the subject.

Public Meetings for the Review of the 4 Plans

Thursday (5/14) I attended the last of the 17 public meetings conducted to get input from citizens for the review of the 4 Provincial Plans (Niagara Escarpment, Oak Ridges Moraine, Greenbelt and Growth Plan).  This was the second one I attended; the other one being an earlier one in Caledon.  We heard last evening that ~3,000 people in total have attended; and my personal experience was that it was attended by very engaged, thoughtful persons. It was good use of my time; and I was delighted to see King Township residents at the sessions.


King’s Input to the Review of the 4 Plans

In a previous post I summarized my response to the Staff report recommending input to the Provincial Review of the 4 Plans (Niagara Escarpment, Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan, Greenbelt Plan and Growth Plan.) I indicated that there was one point that I was in disagreement with.  Although it turned out that my understanding of the recommendation was not completely accurate, the correct interpretation is still worrisome as it is essentially asking for a road map to allow removal of “protected” lands and to convert them to employment lands. I find it “worrisome” as I believe that the only way we are going to save lands for growing our food, for giving us the luxury of (more…)