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About current Township office property & new Township office location

There were a couple staff reports of particular interest to the community which were on the August 29 meeting.  I regret not being able to alert my readers ahead of time as I was away until Aug. 28 and barely had time to read the reports and prepare for the meeting.

There was a report recommending approval of the zoning by-law amendment for the site of the new Township Office.  It was approved.

And there was a public meeting to address the application by the Township to rezone the lands where the current Township Office is located.  The intent is to rezone to permit a variety of commercial uses within a commercial or mixed multi-unit residential and commercial development.  The staff recommendation to continue work on the application and to consider comments from public was approved.  There were two deputations expressing the hope that the ultimate outcome would be a different type of residential choices than we have currently.  I too have this hope; and indeed the proposed changes are consistent with that in terms of making it possible.  Making this zoning change will set the stage to sell the property; as indicated earlier this is a significant source of revenue for the Township in order to fund project MOVE (the new Town Hall).

You can read the report here.  If you wish to make comment please send your comments to the planner Kristen Harrison at [email protected] and/or to me.


Feedback for Growth Plan and Conservation Plans Review

We, all of us in King and anyone who is concerned about food security, climate change & water, have until September 30th to provide feedback to Minister Mauro (Minister of Municipal Affairs) about the Province’s proposed amendments to the Growth Plan (Places To Grow) and the 3 Conservation Plans.  Your help is needed to encourage the Province to continue to place priority on better protecting farmland & sensitive natural areas (e.g. at-risk water sources), and pushing municipalities to build transit friendly communities with greater housing choices. The proposals include a number of valuable improvements. but there are some serious gaps which should be addressed.    There are many ways to provide feedback; easiest is to sign this petition.    Its important as you can be sure that those who do not put priority on protecting farmland, water sources, natural heritage features will be encouraging Province to ease up on the proposed restrictions.    (more…)

Nobleton Zoning By-law–final draft

On the July 11 Council agenda there is a report with the final draft of the new Nobleton Zoning By-law (ZBL) with a  recommendation to Council to approve it.  As I have indicated in other posts, the zoning by-laws for the Township are in desperate new of revision; Nobleton is the first and in many respects will be the template for the others.  (e.g. same new/updated definitions will be used.) I am pleased that the community has been very engaged in the process:   as to be expected not every proposal from community members has been accepted but rationale for such is provided and in some instances it is indicated that the correct avenue to pursue making the change (e.g. extending the commercial core)  is the Official Plan process.

For each person there will be points which are of particular interest; here are mine.

  • The incorporation of specific zoning for defined mature neighbourhoods such that character of each is protected
  • permeable surface minimum requirements
  • much clearer identification of regulatory flood plains
  • some improvement in facilitating new businesses/commercial in core


Planning Project Status & Timeline Review

There are two very important planning projects underway:  Official Plan Review and Zoning By-law Review.  Many members of public have been involved in the process to varying degrees.  On 6/27 Council agenda there is a review of status of these projects and the targeted timings for completion.

Zoning By-law Reviews: King City and Schomberg

Open houses are being conducted for the zoning by-law review in King City and Schomberg.  I have been impatient waiting for this to start as this is the means to protect our mature subdivisions.  Specifically, this is where we have the opportunity to effectively influence the inevitable changes in our established subdivisions.  It is not about stopping change which is neither desirable nor possible; but, we can have a much greater say in what the change looks like than we currently have. The first open house for King City is Tuesday, June 14 6:30-8:30; presentation will be at 7.  You can find further details here.

The review has been done for Nobleton; the plan is to re-apply that template to address the specific characteristics of King City and Schomberg.  The benefit of this is that we should be able to accomplish the work much more quickly.  e.g.  The detail work of definitions has been done; the format of the by-law is developed.  As was done for Nobleton  design work shops for each of King City and Schomberg are scheduled and participants were sollicited earlier.   Even though deadline for the latter has passed, if you are interested please contact Sarah Allin at [email protected]  (or 905 833 4066) as there may be room for you.  The King City work shop is June 29; the one in Schomberg is July 12 6:30-9PM.

I hope that there is good attendance to the open houses (for King City it is on  6/14) as this is an excellent way to understand the opportunity before us by getting this review done well.  As I recall attendees at the Nobleton session were every enthusiastic and excited by what they heard.