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Nobleton Zoning By-law–draft Discussion Paper

A draft Discussion Paper for the Nobleton Zoning By-law review is being presented at March 9 Council; this Paper along with further feedback received from Council or public will be the basis for developing the preliminary draft of a new  by-law for the the urban area of Nobleton.  This is truly a milestone in this project and is of importance beyond Nobleton as the process being followed is the prototype for comparable future exercises for both King City and Schomberg.  I don’t believe anyone can read the Discussion Paper without gaining an understanding of why this initiative (i.e updating the zoning by-law) is very important  in terms of influencing the evolution of “the look” or “the feel” of Nobleton.  As indicated in the Staff report, next Public Meeting will be in May; in the interim, read the discussion paper and provide feedback. (more…)

Official Plan Review

The next public meeting for our Official Plan Review has been rescheduled to Tuesday, March 10th 6PM at Trisan Centre in Schomberg.  As I have posted earlier, this review is extremely important in terms of how the Township is going to evolve.  The new OP will incorporate boundaries for our villages, population targets, where development will occur and what kind of development will occur.  All of these factors are in in the current OP; what is being reviewed is whether there should be changes.  If you have interest in these topics, this is the time to get involved if you are not already.  To receive  email updates contact this address:  [email protected]



Maintaining our Gateways

On the Council agenda for 1/10 there is a long awaited report with recommendations how to appropriately manage gateway features into our subdivisions.  Good policy on these features is important as the absence of such will lead to either crumbling, unattractive gateway, fences etc. across the Township OR financial “bombs” in the future as the Council of the day deals with fixing gateways.  The report includes clear simple recommendations as to how we are going to deal with gateways and other structures proposed by developers in the future; simply put, developers will need to provide funds for future maintenance.  The report also recommends how to develop a specific plan for all the features already in place; very importantly, it includes a comprehensive, detailed inventory of the latter.

I brought forward to Council the need for this policy very early in last term.  I have been frustrated that it has taken so long; but now that I see the inventory I can appreciate why it has taken time.  Furthermore, it clearly was not the most important project for department which has been short on resources.

When I identified the need, the scope of my concern was very limited:  the gateways.  I did so because of the crumbling gateways at the two entrances to Kingscross Estate (i.e. on Keele and on Jane) and wishes expressed by the residents in the subdivision for repairs.  As reviewed in the report the need for a policy covers more than gateways; there are noise walls, structurally engineered retaining walls.  In addition to addressing the cost of maintenance, there is the need to ensure that Municipality can access the structures.

I am very pleased that the recommended solution is simply not to outlaw the more complex, expensive gateways (i.e. those with bricks and mortar and metals); rather it is one that is flexible in response to the design features proposed by the developer.  I am also satisfied that the recommendation identifies that funds provided for future maintenance will be indeed available as they will be put into a reserve fund.

A disadvantage to the length of time to reach this point is that the inventory is already out of date as rate payors association have already taken action to address some of the crumbling infrastructure.  As Staff develops a plan for dealing with the extant gateways this variation in circumstances will need to be addressed.


Official Plan Review Meeting Delayed

I know that there are many residents and business owners who are very interested in the process underway to review and update our Official Plan.  Staff who are leading the project (in addition to an equally ambitious one to update the comprehensive zoning by-law) have set ambitious timing targets.  As sometimes happens when schedules are ambitious, timing does slip.  Notice has  just been made that the scheduled Wed. January 21st public meeting has been cancelled; new date has not yet been identified.

This project is very important as it is the Official Plan which is the overarching policy for land uses throughout the Township. To review work done to date and to sign up for email updates please click here.