Trail and Park Naming

On Council report for June 24 there is a report recommending the naming of a trail and a park feature.  I am very pleased to see a proposal to name a trail honouring Jane Underhill and the proposal to name the the hardball diamond in Memorial Park for Tom Ellison.  The trail to be named for Jane Underhill is in the subdivision on east side of Keele opposite the GO train station; protection of the natural heritage features is one of Jane’s specific accomplishments.  Both of these individuals have given much of themselves to the community.  For me, Jane is a standard of environmental advocacy; it has been daunting to succeed her as a municipal councillor.  As reviewed in the report her contributions to community include much more than an elected role.  Mr. Ellison has made significant contribution to community with his enthusiasm for the sport of baseball.  Today’s residents of King and those in the future owe gratitude to these two individuals.

The report proposes naming the train Underhill Trail.  I anticipate that there will be an amendment to include her first name also to avoid confusion for future trail users with the successful equestrian in our area.  There will be formal ceremonies in future with the unveiling of commemorative plaques etc.  On June 24th it is simply the report at council.

Employment Area Conversion Requests

On June 24 Council agenda there is a report reviewing 2 requests for conversion of lands designated as employment to residential in King Township:  ~50% the prestige employment lands at south east corner of King Road/Jane (previously owned by Magna) and the Boynton Lands on Hwy 27 south of Nobleton. The framework for the requests is the new policy in the amended Growth Plan approved in 2019 by the Province.  Full process for assessing these requests is summarized in the report. Briefly:  such is considered as part of the municipal comprehensive review (MCR) by York Region and it is YR who is the approving authority.  YR has identified criteria for assessing and King will be making comments.    The requests for conversion are very important as employment lands are critical for long term economic vitality.  As the conversion for such lands is often a temptation by property owners and municipalities because it tends to be easier/faster to build houses rather than secure appropriate (more…)

Road Improvements

On June 24 Council agenda there are two reports covering plans for various form of road improvements.  On one the contract for surface treatments is recommended.  On another report recommendations for asphalt resurfacing and applying asphalt to identified gravel roads are identified.  You can see here the roads being treated in one way or other here.  The decision to apply asphalt to traditional gravel is based on several factors:  more traffic than historical, cost of maintaining as quality gravel roads, whether road connects with another i.e. is not a dead end.  All roads getting improvements have been selected on current conditions and traffic/usage.  There is one thing I am going to be asking about is the allocation of the one time modernization grant funding to the operating budget; not clear to me whether there are  other possible uses of the funds.

Nobleton Car Wash Operating Hours

On Council June 24 agenda there is a report addressing the operating hours of the new carwash on King Road at east side of Nobleton.  The history of this development is complicated; it seems to me that the complexity was exacerbated by the proponent acting without approvals and various remediations being required.  I certainly concur that exemptions to the noise bylaw shnould not be granted as this business is not operating in isolation but rather is adjacent to residential lands.  (Often we hear of residents moving into an area with neighbours which are farms and the residents complain about odours from the farm; in this case we have a commercial enterprise moving into an area with homes next door and it expects the noise rules to be changed to meet their needs. )

Presentation on Municipal Comprehensive Review

Chief Planner of York Region will be making a presentation at June 24 Council about the Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR) process.  As there are 2 requests for conversion of employment lands in King to residential learning more about this process is very important.

Heritage Grant and Permits

On Council 6/24 agenda there is a report on an application for a permit for alterations and repairs on a designated heritage property and an application for a grant to contribute to the project.  I am very pleased that the property owner is taking good care of this property and that the Township has a program for contributing to its upkeep.  Many municipalities contribute more than King is doing but this application  shows that even our modest grant of $6,000 is a help.