Schedule 10 is Deleted!

I am thrilled that Schedule 10 is being removed from Bill 66.  It threatened the Greenbelt, the Oak Ridges Moraine, Lake Simcoe and source water protection areas by opening them up to development.  If enacted our farmland would be at risk:  the monetary value of farmland would increase (for the wrong reason) as it would now represent development opportunity as opposed to a place to grow our food. Ontario Federation of Agriculture wrote a very strong letter opposing Schedule 10 for this reason. Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing announced this January 23; read it here.


Bill 66 Section 10

On Council 1/14 agenda there is a report on Bill 66 which includes the Planning Staff’s recommendations for feedback to the Province by January 20.  In earlier posts I have reviewed why I consider Bill 66 Section to be regressive and bad for communities. My perspective is not changed.   It is said that the Bill is all about giving control to the municipalites so that they can act quickly to attract businesses.   It is really about giving control to a property owner in order to build a factory on lands currently protected.  Per Bill 66 a property owner with such lands asks the municipality to implement an open for business bylaw (OfB); and a willing municipality can choose to comply with no public consultation.  The Bill is very short sighted:  both about the consequences and the benefits. (more…)

Implementing a Open-for Business Bylaw in King

There is a second report on 1/14 Council agenda about Bill 66.  This report is written on the assumption that the Bill will be passed and that it is appropriate for Council to start considering implementation of a OfB.  As I consider Bill 66 to be very regressive I have great difficulty in contemplating implementation.  Changes may be made as a result of submissions to the Environmental Registry but who knows.  The Staff report presents a very reasonable way to implement a OfB in King, a way which is more sympathetic to our values as articulated to date in the Sustainability Plan.  BUT implementation of a OfB is supposed to be voluntary.  I need to be persuaded that an OfB is what we need and want

Keele One

At last Council meeting (December 10) there was a report on Keele One.  Several residents made deputations citing concerns:  about process and some specific details.  I can appreciate that some citizens were somewhat surprised that we were at the stage of approving the plan  as it had been some time since the project had been at Council.  There was a lengthy hiatus due to new issues being identified by TRCA which had to be addressed; as the latter was successfully resolved we could finally move forward with an implementing bylaw. As a result of the deputations changes were made to by-law:  potential uses in the commercial space was reduced and the floor space calculation was better defined.  Here is the implementing by-law.


Official Plan Update

Staff report on 1/14 Council agenda provides an update on a new Official Plan.  Target is to release a working draft to Public in March.  Open houses will be scheduled for April.  As indicated in the report comments submitted earlier have not been lost!

Bill 66 Section 10: why its bad for communities

Since my first post about Bill 66 which, if passed as currently written, enables municipalities to pass an “open-for-business” by-law, I have been learning more.  I am now even more concerned.  As written this Bill can impact every municipality in Ontario if the local Council so chooses; and those Councils who decide to implement such a by-law can do so without any notice to their citizens.  This by-law enables development in areas currently forbidden because of threat to drinking water and environment; and it allows disregard for  sustainable land use planning criteria.   Many people are already voicing their opposition to current Bill 66 by signing petitions prepared by Ontario Greenbelt Alliance and Ontario Nature.  I encourage you to consider adding your voice. (more…)