New Rates for Water and Wastewater

Water and wastewater rates for those being serviced by municipal services have been set for 2011.  For the average King Township residential user the  rate is up $32.52, 3.9%.

Consistent with previous year the water rate is comprised of a base charge and consumption charge.  This rate structure is being maintained as it is the most effective way to encourage conservation, to encourage using less water.  I was surprised to learn that this structure is not used everywhere; in fact, most municipalities use a constant rate.   For the average user, water rate is up $27.40, 6.8% annually.

For 2011, the wastewater rate will continue to have two parts but it will no longer include a consumption charge.  Specifically, there will be a base fee and a constant block rate.   We are moving to a constant block rate (i.e. same rate to be multiplied by consumption)to respond to the comments that it is unfair to charge for waste water services based on water consumption as all water used does not go into the sewers.  Most obviously the latter occurs in summer when lawns and pots are watered.   For the average user, wastewater rate is up $5.12,  1.2%.

From the presentations I was pleased to learn that our rate structure includes contributing to reserves to be in a position to replace the infrastructure when it ages.  (I have been appalled to read over the years, how  the big city to the south has delayed doing such due to lack of reserves.)

You can read the details of water budget and wastewater budget.

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