No Change to Gas Pipeline Route

March 21 Ontario Energy Board rendered its decision to not re-open a review of the gas pipeline to supply the York Energy Centre.  From my reading of their decision their critical decision factor is that King Township had not registered as an intervener in the original proceedings; and then waited nearly 8 months after the decision in April 2010 to ask for a review.  (Recall:  I tabled the motion December 20, 2011 to ask for this review.)

You can read the OEB decision here. Legal Counsel for the current Council made a good effort to explain why the Township had acted or not acted as it did; but, the OEB did not buy it.

Enbridge previously indicated willingness to meet with public to review the project once OEB decision rendered; I anticipate that a meeting will be announced soon and will keep you posted.

One Response to “ “No Change to Gas Pipeline Route”

  1. Marie Filipe says:

    A meeting with Enbridge is too late. Lloydtown-Aurora road residents are not interested in what anyone with patronizing reassurances has to say. No amount of reassurance about the so-called safety standards will let us have a good night sleep once the pipeline is installed. We were lied to, misformed if informed at all. We lost due to the shady deals made by politicians and diverse agencies who did not care about residents. Should an accident happen with this pipeline, I will have a hard time explaining to my future grandchildren that it happened because so many people did not care. If I sound bitter about this issue, so be it. It is my family’s and my life on the line.
    Marie Filipe

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