Sustainability…….  Everyone is doing it.  Today in my “traditional” mailbox (i.e. the one covered in wet snow) I received a mailing from a well known global consumer products company with an update on their sustainability plan.  And sure, as happens, once everyone is doing it, it is easy to pick out those who haven’t done a good job; and those who are merely putting on a good show of doing it.  That doesn’t mean the concept lacks value.  I would suggest that it simply illustrates that as with everything there are good executions and bad ones.

In case you are wondering what I am talking about:  sustainability is about survival, it is about meeting our needs today BUT without harming the ability of future generations to survive, to meet their needs.

I am going to be writing about sustainability on a regular basis.

Here is the first thing I said about this topic earlier. King Township has decided to develop and execute an integrated sustainability plan.  It is the way we will evolve.

Given our very weak financial position it is quite clear that we need to start running this place differently!  And for sure, my value system is such that I do not want to harm the ability of future generations to meet their needs by doing what is easiest and most comfortable for me.

Over time there will be numerous opportunities for citizen participation in developing our integrated sustainability plan and then living & executing it.  Right now we need Ambassadors and people to join working groups.  If you haven’t seen the advertisement in the local papers or to get more information visit the Township’s website.

I am optimistic about King’s ability to embrace sustainability.  There are many independent sustainability successes to brag about already; what we need to do is get everyone onto to the same page and to streamline the effort.  Council’s deferral on nominating members to the Township traditional committees is in recognition of the need to streamline.

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