Gas Pipeline Construction

As mentioned in an earlier posting I have had an outstanding question with Enbridge about the “make-up” of the 3,600 pipeline strikes in Ontario.

Statistics for 2010 have now been provided.
67% (2,412) of damage- causing strikes were on 1/2 inch pipes i.e. pipes to supply gas to homes; most of these would have been caused by individuals installing trees and fence posts.   Next highest hits were 14% on 8 inch and 8% on 6 inch.  Largest hit pipe is 12 inch and that size had <1% hits.

My take on this is that there is certainly risk with the 16 inch pipeline being installed, but to cite 3,600 strikes in 2010 as evidence of such magnifies it.

To reduce the risk I am still asking for concrete pads/plates above the pipeline; it is still being considered.

I can’t write this post without commenting on the construction program. If you have chosen to drive through Pottageville during the past few weeks you will be well aware of it.  For the residents and businesses on the route the construction process has been far more than the anticipated annoyance of  traffic delays.  Several residents have identified concerns about integrity of wells; one business (gas station) has been shut down due to safety and environmental concerns.

Although King Township has no official authority in this jurisdiction as it is a regional road, King Township Staff and elected officials have investigated the problems and have acted as strong advocates on behalf of the affected residents and business owners.

2 Responses to “ “Gas Pipeline Construction”

  1. Hans Martin says:

    I suspect there will be a lot more messes comparable to that which is occurring in Pottageville. After all, we are not at the power station site yet.
    So it seems we have a construction project which is tearing up the neighbourhood, a power station which will serve an uncertain need and a future risk to the environment because of emissions. Why is it happening? We live in a democracy where we can vote for people to look after affairs that we as individuals are unable to manage. And, is it not the people who we elected to look after these things who have made the peaker-plant decisions for us?
    It is at election time that the future is determined to a large extent. The planning and the execution of this project has been underway for years. In essence we voted for it. Now it is happening and we are dismayed. What were we thinking!

  2. Marie Filipe says:

    The sight of this humongous pipe, the sheer size alone, as it is being installed at our doorsteps is giving us nightmares. The problems with the installation are only a prelude to what could await us. To think that there are individuals who so casually approve of such projects reinforces my lack of faith in human nature when it comes to common sense and decency towards others. I would suggest that everyone who has been involved directly or indirectly in making the decision about this pipeline have one of those same pipes installed on their streets, in front of their front yards and live with that fear for a while. No doubt they would then quickly dismiss such a project!

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