Roads: maintaining and improving

As I have indicated in another posting, investments in roads are not high in my value equation.  But once we have them, we do need to maintain them; and for sure, we need to address serious safety issues.   York Region gave Council a report on May 30 reviewing various road projects.

I was very pleased to hear that Environmental Assessments (EA) have been kicked off for two very dangerous intersections on Keele:  17th and 18th Sideroads. 1st public information meetings will be this fall; targeting construction for 2015.

Safety will be improved along the King-Vaughan line.  In 2011 there will be temporary signal lights at Dufferin, Keele and Jane.  More permanent improvements will be made in the out years.   There will be an innovative (for us) solution for the Dufferin intersection-a roundabout.

The new intersection at Keele and 15th Sideroad is targeted for completion September 2011.

Assessment of King Road (Hwy 27 to 400) has started to determine capacity improvements and safety issues.  1st public information meetings will be in October.

I think the oft repeating caution of “be careful what you wish for” is very appropriate when these projects are being considered.   It will be critical that the public attends the public information meetings to understand the identified issue/problem and to provide feedback on the possible solutions.  Notices for these meetings will be in the papers; I will also make you aware.  Please spread the word to your neighbours!

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