Emerald Ash Borer

Very unfortunately King will be joining the list of municipalities visited by the destructive emerald ash borer. Not only is the insect destructive, the control method is harsh:  cut the tree down!

York Region has released its management plan for trees in their responsibility. At 6/27 Council, Council endorsed Staff proposal to develop a plan for King Township i.e. for trees in our parks and along local roads.   Given our desire to increase our tree canopy our plan must include replacement.

YR estimates that over 10 years, their whole program including the cutting down of infected trees and tree replacement will cost $10-12 million.  To learn more about the York Region plan and to get more background click here to read the Staff recommendation tabled at Council.

As many residents, including myself, have ash trees we will need to become more knowledgable than we would prefer about this creature.  Here you can  see more photos of this invasive, destructive, alien, forest pest.


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