Greenbelt Expressway is not the way!

I am delighted to tell you that the Greenbelt Alliance has  categorically criticized the recommendation for a new highway in Vaughan as being the way to address the congestion between the urban growth centers as part of the GTA West Corridor.  Click here to read their statement.

In an earlier posting I told you that the stage 1 of the EA was completed and that a new highway was being proposed.  Along with Mayor Pellegrini I spoke at YR Committee of Transport arguing against a resolution to assess whether there was more harm to putting such a highway through the Oak Ridges Moraine or through the defined study area which included the east Humber.  At that time I indicated that the only sustainable solution was optimizing current road systems and expanding use of rail.  YR voted to not push for such an assessment.




5 Responses to “ “Greenbelt Expressway is not the way!”

  1. Cindy Brown says:

    Hi Debbie, First off, great work representing the Township, getting ‘our’ voice heard and on record for such issues.

    At the same time, the common sense long-term vision for sustainable and sensible alternatives (rail, improved transit options, bike ways, etc.) applies to the whole of Toronto and not ‘just’ our township. I just can’t get over how, really, at the heart of it, few are prepared to fight for what is so obvious and opt for expedience … more car ways.

    More power to your representation for us on these issues … fighting big and great fights doesn’t win friends in high places but it wins the hearts of voters. And hopefully persistence pays off in a legacy over which you can feel proud of.

  2. Sheila Comisso says:

    An east west link to whatever is Highway 9 at the very least because by the time our beautiful farmland is re-developed to accommodate urban housing any green belt lands between Barrie and King City will be filled with an oasis of single family homes on 25 feet or less and the occupants will be made to feel the local park was once all that remained of King Township. What happened to the Township’s pitch of horse farms and green spaces? Lost in the economic dribble drabble of tough times to come and how we all need to accommodate the new vison of lifestyle! Be happy with 25 feet or less or else!Certainly not me who moved from Thornhill for a whiff of peace and space! Lucky I am older and not bound by the bank to stay in King Township! I wonder am I the only one? Don’t think so!

    • Debbie says:

      Hello Sheila, I would encourage you to be asking the MPP candidates in the upcoming election as to what is their position regarding protecting and preserving the Greenbelt. It is not King Township who is proposing to violate the Greenbelt; It is the MTO (Ministry of Transport) who defined the study area for the GTA West Corridor. Debbie

  3. Arlene Heaps says:

    Hello Debbie,
    It was often rumoured that the 15th sideroad would be opened up to the 400. I would like to hear your thoughts on this. After all these years I am beginning to think that it just might be a good idea, before they do any more development on the 15th & Keele. We know how well travelled the 15th has become, and it shall only increase with the new houses slated to be built (Mary Lake Estates).
    Could they not come up with a better name? I find it offensive. Mary Lake should only belong to the shrine and the lake, besides they are hardly “estates”.
    That’s my grumbling for today

    • Debbie says:

      Hello Arlene,
      Given what I know, I am very opposed to punching the 15th through to the 400 as it is an area of high acquifier vulnerability. It would also jeopardize a number of wells for which there are no municipal services in place to replace. King’s reason for being is not to provide through-fares for commuters!

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