YR Master Transportation Plan

York Region’s Transportation Plan has been completed and is now open for comments until September 15th.  This is not only about road projects although that does tend to dominate both in projects and required capital funds!  The plan includes bicycle routes and decisions about dedicated infrastructure; also plans for public transit and provision of safe walking infrastructure is included too.  The plan looks out to 2041.  I have only skimmed the report so far but I have absorbed enough to know that I am disturbed at the amount of new pavement being proposed over the next 25 years.  Whatever aspect of transportation interests you I encourage you to review the executive summary and provide feedback as indicated. For more details see further below.

To elaborate on my concern about a lot of new pavement.

  • many projects  are to widen roads to 4 lanes.  This is disturbing  as many of them are roads traversing our villages (e.g. Hwy 27).  And if they don’t traverse the villages they will effectively create a “wall of traffic” as they are at the boundaries of settlement areas (e.g. Jane St.)
  • I am disappointed to see such limited rural public transit.
  • It appears that King Road continues to be considered an arterial road, specifically an “interim primary arterial road”  for at least the next 15 years.

Here is link to executive summary of  Transportation Plan.

Here is link to project details.   To find a specific project go to Background Report E….page 6 is where you find the list and then from there you get directed to a page number.

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