Radar Feedback Signs: one year later

As reviewed in the Staff report on 9/26 Council agenda, we have reached the end of the one year pilot programs of having radar feedback signs located on two local roads:  Kingscross Drive and Hazelbury Drive.  The signs were posted in response to traffic calming petitions which then precipitated traffic monitoring.  That monitoring showed that action needed to be taken.

As the report shows after one year the radar boards have not slowed the traffic or at least not significantly.  Its my recollection that the monitoring done  soon after the boards were installed on Kingscross did indicate a measurable reduction in speed.  Hence, I think the Staff’s hypothesis that “familiarity” has dulled their effectiveness is a good one.  I support their proposal to disable for 3 months and then monitor again.

Speeding, particularly on the streets, of our villages is a serious safety threat.  I regularly hear from residents concerned about the safety of children.  There is no good solution to this;  anyone who drives needs to accept that it is not just “the other drivers” who speed, it is each of us. When police are enforcing in a neighbourhood, frequently the driver stopped is not a commuter passing through; its a neighbour.

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