At October 17 Council there is a public meeting for a development application for property on Keele north of Station Road including the site often referred to as the former potato chip factory.  I consider this application to be exciting as it propose to create what is very much needed in King City:  alternative housing forms.  The specific location is the right place for a development featuring stacked townhomes given its proximity to GO station.  As reviewed in the report there are some critical challenges before approval is achieved related to accessing the property.

As I read over the report and looked at the renderings a couple very positive aspects stand out.  Plan shows 16 one bedroom units (which is 25% of all the units). This will be of interest to those starting to live independently and to those seeking to downsize.  The plans shows 3 separate buildings as opposed to one; I think this is in sympathy to the massing of buildings on Keele.  The architecture is different than the recent trend of peaked roofs and gables.

This is the opportunity for the public to ask questions, show support or indicate opposition.  If you would like to do so, come to the Council meeting; there is no need to register as it is a public meeting.  If you have comments/questions but can’t attend you can forward your comments to me or to the Clerk at [email protected]


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