Street Lamps: LED Retrofit

Good to see the Staff report covering the conversion of street lamps across the Township to LED. As reviewed the program represents opportunity to annual cost savings in hydro costs; plus, an ongoing operating/maintenance program which will enable better responsiveness to address issues.  As reviewed the project is based on a contract with Amaresco who has executed comparable program with other municipalities.

I do have a couple questions and comments.

  • Essentially the “base” plan is to replace/upgrade whatever exists today in terms of lighting. i.e. As indicated there are roads with less lighting than what is desired; this program does not address this.
  • What is the decision process for adding light fixtures? Not everyone has common desire for amount of lighting.
  • Confirm that all lights are “dark sky.”
  • Finally, I do want to go and look at current lighting fixtures on a couple Ward 5 streets to understand choices being made re: specific forecast.

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