Sustainable Plan for Hambly House

At November 27  Council meeting there is statutory public meeting for a planning application to re-develop the lands at north west corner of Hwy 27 and King Road in Nobleton.  (Follow link provided and see agenda item 6.2.) The re-development includes the designated heritage property, Hambly House, at Hwy. 27/King Road.  If you have a point of view on this application you can either attend and make a verbal deputation; or you can send in your comments to the Clerk at [email protected]

The proposal is an exciting one in that this property is very important; and to date there has not been a sustainable plan for it (i.e. the designated property itself and the other lands which are now owned by the same proponent.) The concepts for additional building is sympathetic to the Hambly House.  Of concern though is that the view of Hambly will be severely restricted given current placement of new buildings.  Secondly, I think the new building proposed to run north/south along Hwy 27 is too massive and doesn’t fit with Nobleton “look.”


One Response to “ “Sustainable Plan for Hambly House”

  1. Ed Bartram says:

    The proposed office/residence building is too massive right next to the Hambly House. it should be more in keeping with the new development to the north at 27 and Wilsen. There should be more more space left between the Hambly House and the development as well as scaling down the development to two stories instead of three
    at the Hambly end of the building.

    Ed Bartram

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