Speed and Volume Study

On 3/18 Council agenda there is a township wide comprehensive traffic study.  I have been  waiting for this and am somewhat disappointed.  The proposed actions do not address the issues which I frequently hear about from residents.  Unfortunately the report does not provide the data which has led to the recommended actions. For example what was the speed and volume data collected which supports a recommendation to do nothing on several roads including Burns in King City. A number of roads have been identified as meriting increased speed management and monitoring; I don’t understand how this will  be implemented.  And 6 roads have been identified that permanent speed boards are appropriate.   I will be following up on several points.

3 Responses to “ “Speed and Volume Study”

  1. J. Hofstetter says:

    I agree that the speed limit of 40 kph on 16 th sideroad has been unrealistic (& almost mpossible to do without riding your brakes.)
    Signage indicating a hiking trail and a business entrance would increase safety.

  2. Cathy Wellesley says:

    I do not live on the 16th Sideroad, but I do travel it occasionally. I am in favour of increasing the speed limit between Dufferin and Jane. I don’t believe 40 kmh was ever realistic. In fact, I have purposely tried to drive at that speed on the 16th and it’s very difficult. I had to ride my brakes down each hill and knoll, then put on the gas to make it up the next hill. I would guarantee not a single driver stays at or under the 40 kmh on this stretch of the 16th. I think every municipal / regional road should be 60 kmh as a standard; with rare exceptions at 50 kmh for unique roads like this section of the 16th which has reduced visibility — road is narrow, hilly, with lots of tree canopy.

    • Debbie says:

      This report repeats what I have often heard: drivers’speed is influenced by what drivers perceive as a safe speed. There will always be the reckless driver who drives a speed which is dangerous; a signed speed limit does not change that behavior unfortunately. During the discussion about this report I have asked for signage indicating that there is hiking trail which crosses the road; and that there should also be consideration of signs indicating the hilly terrain.

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