CHATS: support my walk for CHATS

There are only a few days until the 2019 Walk For Wellness.  This event is the only fundraiser of CHATS.  As I have already said I strongly believe that the “best aging” is in one’s own home.  CHATS (Community and Home Assistance to Seniors) helps people do just that by providing transportation, meals on wheels, social occasions, visits when the usual support person (who is often a relative) is away on vacation etc.etc.  What is really great is that there is truly a menu of help services available; a Senior accesses what is needed at that point.  You can support CHAT with a donation by supporting my walk.  You can do so online OR you  can send me a cheque made out to CHATS and mail it to me at the Township Office (2585 King Road, King City, ON L7B 1A1) and I will ensure that you receive your receipt for taxation purposes.


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