Official Plan Public Open House

As I have posted earlier the new draft Official Plan (OP) is now on This is where you can read it and provide comments.  And this is where dates for public meetings are announced.  The latter has just been published.  I encourage you to attend any one of the meetings in the 3 villages:  content and presentation will be same; the difference will be the attendees and their questions, comments. Meetings are May 1,2,and 8 in King City, Nobleton and Schomberg respectively at 7-9PM.  If you have not done so already please register at  Registration is easy; if you have difficulties let me know. is the new tool we are using to provide information about projects and importantly for you to tell us your perspective, to hear your questions.  You can register for updates.

3 Responses to “ “Official Plan Public Open House”

  1. Mary Bromley says:

    Re: OP Open House……
    Are the dates, May 1,2 and 8th actual meetings where we can
    make comments before the entire audience or are they one-on-one questions to the planning group? It sounds like an actual
    meeting…just want to make sure as it is (many of) our preference and a more democratic process to know all the concerns/comments raised.

    Mary Bromley and Ed Bartram

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