Council Motion on Bill 108

On May 27 Council agenda there is a motion I put forward for consideration in response to Bill 108.  This Bill has been drafted for the stated purpose of increasing the supply of homes by modifying many statues and processes (e.g. environmental assessment act, planning act, appeals process, conservation authorities authority) to speed up approvals and construction. In an earlier post I have reviewed my concerns about this Bill.  The resolution to be considered by Council requests that Province delay the process to enable more time for consultation with the municipalities.  (The Bill has already passed second reading.)  Note:  to see the motion follow the links provided above and scroll down.

2 Responses to “ “Council Motion on Bill 108”

  1. Jacquie Whitten says:

    I have great faith in your ability to see what is best for our township and King City. You seem to have many concerns to which I fully agree. Please keep up the good work of trying to keep our township as green and less dense as possible.

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