Schomberg Community Hall Renewal

On 5/13 Council agenda there is a report recommending the advancement of a project to renovate and revitalize the Schomberg Community Hall.  Advancement to June 2019-2020 is entirely appropriate in order to use a $100,000 grant offered under the Enabling Accessibility Fund of the Federal Government.  As reviewed in the report the closure of this well used community space does create problems for 3 very popular annual events:  Schomberg Street Gallery, A Main Street Christmas, Schomberg Agricultural Fair.  Staff are committed to working with the groups who organize these events.  I know examples in other municipalities where comparable problems have triggered some very creative solutions which have been sustained long after the originating problem was solved.   The $1 million capital for this project was originally budgeted for one year later. Given how the Schomberg Main Street Revitalization Project is marching forward (see the Staff report updating status here) advancing the Community Hall project is excellent.

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