Different Place for Drawdown Workshops

There is different venue for the workshops about Reversing Global Warning.  All other details re: times are same. New location:

York Pines United Church, 3150 Lloydtown Aurora Rd., Kettleby.  (this is west of Jane/east of 400.  See here.

Weekend 4-session Workshop
Friday, June 14, 7-9:30 PM / Saturday, June 15, 9-11:30 AM
Saturday and Sunday 2-4:30 PM

During this workshop created by the Pachamama Alliance, we will introduce the Project Drawdown
results, reveal how we ourselves have been thinking about global warming, take a new perspective, and
consider how we want to act. This workshop called “Drawdown Solutions: Getting into Action” is
condensed into one weekend of four sessions. To learn more see this 2 minute video.

The Californian author, environmentalist, and entrepreneur Paul Hawken, gathered a group of 200
researchers and other experts from 22 countries to identify and model the 100 most substantive already
existing solutions to global warming. After 5 years of rigorous scientific research, the 2017 results
revealed astounding news: it may be possible not just to slow global warming, but to reverse it by 2050.
The results were published in the groundbreaking book Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever
Proposed to Reverse Global Warming. The most recent news tells us that we have to work even faster.

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