King Loves Its Trees

On Council June 10 agenda there is a report about and including a draft tree bylaw.  As reviewed the proposed bylaw is relevant to private property in the 3 villages:  King City, Nobleton and Schomberg.  It is a my perspective that this is long overdue as trees, a significant feature in our villages have been ignored as something valuable to be protected.  Given climate change the value of mature trees to both community and private property owner  is increasing:  provider of shade, water retention, carbon sequestering.  The proposed bylaw is innovative and I believe creatively addresses issues identified in previous proposals.  I strongly urge you to review the report and the bylaw and propose feedback.  I think this proposed bylaw will assist in our effort to build & maintain quality communities.  The fact that it is the product of a collaborative effort on part of Staff and a working group of volunteers from Concerned Citizens of King Township (CCKT) is notable and to be applauded.

To provide feedback there are many options.  It can be given at the June 10 Council Committee of Whole meeting either with a deputation or email to [email protected]  Our online engagement tool [email protected] will be used.  And as indicated in report there will be communications through other channels.   We say “King loves its trees.”  I say we also need our trees.  


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