Nobleton Car Wash Operating Hours

On Council June 24 agenda there is a report addressing the operating hours of the new carwash on King Road at east side of Nobleton.  The history of this development is complicated; it seems to me that the complexity was exacerbated by the proponent acting without approvals and various remediations being required.  I certainly concur that exemptions to the noise bylaw shnould not be granted as this business is not operating in isolation but rather is adjacent to residential lands.  (Often we hear of residents moving into an area with neighbours which are farms and the residents complain about odours from the farm; in this case we have a commercial enterprise moving into an area with homes next door and it expects the noise rules to be changed to meet their needs. )

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  1. Susan Beharriell says:

    Good decision!
    Also, this is the first blog notice, email I have received since signing up. Slow but sure. Great content! Many thanks, Susan

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