Trail and Park Naming

On Council report for June 24 there is a report recommending the naming of a trail and a park feature.  I am very pleased to see a proposal to name a trail honouring Jane Underhill and the proposal to name the the hardball diamond in Memorial Park for Tom Ellison.  The trail to be named for Jane Underhill is in the subdivision on east side of Keele opposite the GO train station; protection of the natural heritage features is one of Jane’s specific accomplishments.  Both of these individuals have given much of themselves to the community.  For me, Jane is a standard of environmental advocacy; it has been daunting to succeed her as a municipal councillor.  As reviewed in the report her contributions to community include much more than an elected role.  Mr. Ellison has made significant contribution to community with his enthusiasm for the sport of baseball.  Today’s residents of King and those in the future owe gratitude to these two individuals.

The report proposes naming the train Underhill Trail.  I anticipate that there will be an amendment to include her first name also to avoid confusion for future trail users with the successful equestrian in our area.  There will be formal ceremonies in future with the unveiling of commemorative plaques etc.  On June 24th it is simply the report at council.

5 Responses to “ “Trail and Park Naming”

  1. Kay & Jack Brooks says:

    Two excellent choices! Thanks to those responsible for choosing those two people.

  2. Cathy says:

    I am so very pleased to learn of the planned naming of a King City trail for Jane Underhill. I definitely think it should be called the ‘Jane Underhill’ Trail and not just ‘Underhill’ Trail. I understand there is a wetland in the area of this trail. I think it’s important that the ‘Jane Underhill Trail’ include this wetland as well.

  3. Nancy Hopkinson says:

    I am thrilled that Jane Underhill will be honoured with a trail. I am hopeful that there will be an amendment to include her first name, so that there is no confusion with any other Underhill.

  4. Peter Iaboni says:

    I cannot think of anyone in King who is more deserving in the naming of a park than Jane Underhill. In the over 30 years that I have known Jane, she has been a strong supporter of the natural heritage, the villages and the needs of the residents.

  5. Rosalind Elson says:

    If the naming of the Jane Undehill Trail goes through, it will be my wish granted!!

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