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Purpose of this blog is to let readers know in advance about important issues on upcoming Council agenda and not to report what did transpire.  I am making an exception as there was a presentation at July 8 Council meeting by Metrolinx to update Council on GO train expansion into York Region with focus on King City.  As many of my readers are particularly interested in the latter I am writing this post to identify some key points.

From the speakers, Mirjana Osojnicki (Manager, Environmental Programs & Assessment) and Anthony Irving (Senior Manager, Community Relations we heard the following:

  • confirmed target of 2025 for trains both ways every 15 minutes on double track
  • new lot with 200 spaces to built on east side of track south of current one likely 2024; new multilevel garages not being build with exception.  (Said cost per space is $65,000; two years ago at a Council meeting $40,000 was quoted.)
  • no specific schedule plans for noise barriers and work at the street crossings to enable installation of the necessary gates to apply for whistle cessation;
  • assessing potential of a “layover” in King City between Dufferin and Bathurst north of the track; such a facility is required somewhere in the northern portion of the Barrie line as a crewing centre and for waste management. Expect a draft report early 2020.

Comments/feedback from Council

  • very disappointed that we are not seeing noise barriers yet, not even a plan
  • very disappointed that there is still no specific schedule yet for  double tracking and the modifications to the street crossing; re-iterated that the frequent trains with the whistles are a big problem for residents. Reviewed that we are anxious to collaborate with Metrolinx for the new gate structure at the level crossing.
  • the parking is inadequate; suggested that they create the new lot earlier but only with gravel if that would speed it up.
  • very concerned about the concept of a “layover” in King City; confirmed that there are no plans for municipal infrastructure in the identified area and that the area is characterized by important environmental features.
  • I relayed recent complaints received about inadequate notification about the parking access, specifically that eff. July 1 a significant portion of north lot is now for reserved spaces.  Also, I asked again why they will not implement technology to enable use of empty reserved parking spaces; such would provide some relief to the parking shortage.




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  1. Kay Brooks says:

    Thank you, Debbie, for keeping us informed, although the information is disappointing. Nobody seems to be listening to our concerns at Metrlinx.

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