Additional Parking

Staff report at Oct. 21 Council recommends  a contractor to execute plans for additional parking at both the Municipal Centre and the Heritage & Cultural Centre.  As the need for expanding the parking at the former has been well demonstrated I think everyone will be happy to see the contract being made.  Unfortunately I believe some trees will need to be cut down to create the space at the Municipal Centre.  At our Council meeting I will confirm this, and if so will also inquire about tree replacement/compensation.

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  1. J. Bruce Craig says:

    I had meant to add that trees and shrubs would be very beneficial to be planted around the additional parking area at the Heritage and Cultural Centre.
    Thank you again. BC

  2. J. Bruce Craig says:

    Hi Debbie,
    I’m aware that trees will need to be removed to accommodate the parking at the Municipal Centre. The trees in the location of the new parking area are generally smaller trees and woody shrubs, plus several very mature apple trees. I strongly support that there will be a replacement plan for new trees on a 3:1 basis for all trees >20 cm DBH. Also, that strong efforts are made to retain as much land as possible that is covered with trees and woody shrubs, and that land around the parking area is naturalized with wild flowers, native shrubs and native trees rather than be sodded. Grass requires high maintenance which often results in additional GHG emissions and does little to contribute to healthy ecosystems and air quality. Trees planted around the parking area can bring cooling shade and provide many other benefits. Permeable pavers should be used to provide pervious surface and help infiltration of rain water and snow melt.
    Thank you for your attention to these comments.
    Sincerely, Bruce

  3. Nancy Hopkinson says:

    Why don’t we have an open air parking garage instead of taking down more trees?

    • Debbie says:

      Cost is clearly a big factor. “open air” one would not be as costly as a garage like Metrolinx builds but I am sure it is beyond our budget. (2 years ago I learned that Metrolinx multi level garage costs $40,000/space…so even it was 1/4 that would be too much.) And, I for one prefer to see the Municipal Center versus a parking garage! So as someone who loves trees and values them I don’t see the multi level garage as a good choice.

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