Draft Tree By-law

At November 18 Council there is a report on the draft tree bylaw for private property in the 3 villages.  As reviewed in the report there has been a significant public consultation process since the draft was presented at Council in June.  I am shocked at the feedback as it is does not reflect what I have heard in my election campaigns and in subsequent conversations with constituents. Of course I have heard a variety of viewpoints; and I know that for some there is a deep concern about the priority of personal property rights.  In addition, since the draft was released both this blog and in personal emails I have heard opposition; hence I didn’t expect the survey to show unanimous endorsement but I didn’t expect what was the outcome. I am not comfortable in accepting Staff recommendation to simply drop the bylaw concept for reasons I have identified below. I also do not understand the alternative tools proposed for further investigation and will be asking for more information.

To elaborate on why I am not prepared to simply drop the concept of a bylaw.  I know there was serious misunderstanding of several key points by residents.  I say “know” very deliberately as i) I was confused when I read it the first time; ii) I heard from residents (both in my ward and in others wards) who had the same confusion.  In addition, some people who expressed serious disapproval to the draft did suggest ways that it could be improved if a bylaw were to be enacted.  Given the significant effort expended by Staff  already I would like to take the time to meet with a broader group of residents to see if there is a way to achieve an effective bylaw.  Surveys are great for getting the feedback; surveys are not the same as a face to face consultation to identify possible modifications.

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  1. Peter Iaboni says:

    Yes, King and other municipalities need tree by-laws and the Township should set high standarts for itself and the citizens in following UN climatic conditions. King was always a leader in respecting the environment, what is happening??

  2. Angela Rose says:

    My concern is having unconscionable developers raze properties of trees and top soil to build massive housing tracts, and then replace trees with tiny ones that struggle to survive in poor soil conditions. I think it should not require intervention if someone needs/wants to cut down diseased/dying/doomed trees, eg. ash trees. That’s what I would like a by-law to reflect.

    • Debbie says:

      Hello Angela, Its a moot point now given that Council voted Monday to accept the Staff report recommending no tree bylaw and were not prepared to endorse more work to make amendments etc. Having said, for information, the draft bylaw did exempt dead, dying trees from requiring compensation by property owner. Your misunderstanding was not unique to you; that is one reason why I wanted to work on an amendment.

  3. Ellen Hoffmann says:

    Yes, we need definitely need a tree by-law. I hope you prevail.

  4. Nancy Beatty says:

    My question to you is why can’t you respect the community opinion and move on? It appears you continue to put your own personal agenda ahead of that of the majority of the citizens.

  5. Hans Martin says:

    You say “I am not comfortable in accepting Staff recommendation to simply drop the bylaw ”

    Neither am I!!!!


    Hans Martin

  6. S Beharriell says:

    Thank you again re the tree bylaw. Yes, private rights are an issue for many. Yes, there is a problem with developers simply clear cutting before making any applications. This seems to be the major problem. How can we stop this action?Yes, I agree that more deliberations should ensue. No need to simply throw out everything! Thanks for this common sense approach! What other ideas were submitted? Please do not lose the momentum and all this work!

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