GTA West Corridor

At November 4 Council meeting there will be a deputation by Ministry of Transport re:  the GTA West  Corridor,specifically the planning and environmental assessment study, stage 2.  I have made several posts on this issues reviewing my opposition; accordingly I was very disappointed when the new provincial government revived the EA which had been stopped.  I must admit that I have not paid attention to the matter since its revival so I do welcome hearing an update.  But, even though I am well aware that congestion on our regional and provincial roads is very bad I don’t believe additional roads for automobiles is a long term, sustainable solution; given the environmental costs of creating  this corridor alternate solutions needs to be expedited. Finally, spending scarce money on new roads seems really bizarre  given the climate crisis which many people and jurisdictions, King Township, acknowledge.

2 Responses to “ “GTA West Corridor”

  1. Joe says:

    Debbie you are a councillor in an area with no transit. To take an anti car stance ie no road is inappropriate. Growth is being forced on king roads are critical infrastructure Not I am one of your constituents and I do not support your position.

    • Debbie says:

      Hi Joe, I am not anti-car. I am opposed to spending huge amounts of money for something which will not provide a solution. Yes, we don’t have adequate transit; we need to spend our infrastructure dollars on transit. If the the new corridor includes a rail corridor it may be an effective solution. One of the reasons a new highway concerns me is that there will interchanges to go north and south so there will traffic infiltration into other communities.

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