Public Meeting for Big Initiative on King Rd in King City

At Council on November 18 there is the statutory public meeting for the development application for the former site of the municipal hall i.e. s(condo style), 5-6 stories.  The proposal includes a variety of unit sizes (one bedroom to three bedroom); 2 levels of underground parking.  As proposed there is benefit of truly a break through in kinds of housing opportunity in King; and given the range of sizes there will be a range of prices. Having said that I have concerns which I will identify below.  If you too have concerns or questions come to the public meeting and present them.  If you are unable to attend you can send an email to [email protected] who will provide your comments to the Council and they will be included in the public record.

My concerns about the application is its size.  I am disappointed that the application materials do not include a 3D concept of what King R0ad will look like with this development as proposed. I also question the wisdom of the materials:  precast concrete and stone; I question how this fits with King City “look.”   The King City design guidelines identify preferred materials as clapboard, brick and stone for new buildings.  I do intend to ask questions about the traffic study; I question whether there is too much optimism about the amount of traffic generated by the building i.e. assuming high rate of public transit use.

I am pleased to see in the report mention of how valuable it would be if this building were built to LEED standard.  I want to understand how to integrate this into the plans.

In closing:  this is a big deal for King.  Its a big change. Rather than trying to stop it I hope that the discussion on Monday will be what will make this a very good, highly desirable project for us.  But, clearly, if  you don’t agree please come to Council and identify your concerns and/or write me.


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  1. Francesco Gucciardo says:

    Doesn’t page 28 have the 3D rendering along King Road? Or are you looking for a wider view?

    • Debbie says:

      yes, wanted a much wider view. At the public meeting they did provide. Seeing it made me more comfortable that something in this “range” of size can work but with the current architecture it is too large and dominating. Look forward to seeing how they respond to feedback they received at public meeting.

  2. J. Bruce Craig says:

    I see both positive opportunities and challenges with this project. Building to a LEED Silver standard would be excellent: in water conservation, possible water recycling in some ways, energy conservation, roof structured to receive solar panels, EV charging integrated into parking area, fibre optics for phone, internet and TV, permeable surfaces on site, native planting on wide buffer strips, maintaining and protecting healthy border trees during construction.

  3. Angela Rose says:

    King Township has value in its uniqueness and its image of being an “elite” municipality, yet one that strives to preserve its history. With that in mind, I think it is unadvisable for developers to opt for cheaper but less attractive building materials. King Road is the entrance way to King City – it is important to project the image of a “classy” community. This is not to sound snobby but rather to preserve and enhance property values (i.e. higher property taxes).

  4. Gloria Marsh says:

    5-6 stories sounds OK, seeing as monster faux chateaus nearby are 3 stories. Wish King would get into the 21 century with building design. But if it is LEEDs there definitely won’t be any turrets. (Love the bench & shade structure at King & Keele). Would be good to have a grocery store rather than convenience store on the ground level so people don’t have to drive so much for everyday basics.

    • Debbie says:

      Hi Gloria, I too would like to see more contemporary design as we move forward. Your comment about a small grocery store (vs convenience store) is very appropriate for the development at Keele/King Road but that application has not yet reached the public meeting stage. For the one at 2075 King Road (project for the 11/18 public meeting) I am not so sure about a grocery store as the Coppa’s in King Ridge is surely walking distance.

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