Public Meeting November 18: King Rd/Banner Lane

November 18 there is a public meeting for a development application for the site where the municipal offices were located previously i.e. King Road and Banner Lane.  It is an important application in terms of its impact on King City.  Here is the notice.  


2 Responses to “ “Public Meeting November 18: King Rd/Banner Lane”

  1. Hans Martin says:

    I have experience: December 27, 1948 – I was hit by a car five minutes from home. Result: compound fractures of both legs below the knee, broken left elbow, internal bleeding (kidneys). I was in hospital for 91 days.

    They installed a STOP sign at the corner, 20 meters from where I was hit, —– a few months after my accident.

    Yes, it was my fault – I ran into the street from behind a parked tow-truck. I was 11.

    I guess we will have to wait for such an event in downtown King before the traffic is forced to slow. We do not even enforce the speed limit in our town. The speed-limit signs are a joke, especially before 9:00 am and after 4:30 pm. It seems sometimes that they indicate the minimum speed allowed.

    • Debbie says:

      What a horrible accident Hans. We are fortunate that you are here to tell the story although indeed there should not be such a story. I think we are going to find the places where a stop sign or other traffic calming tool will be effective but it is not going to solve the problem…it will reduce the frequency of bad events i.e. accidents, people being hit hopefully. I regret that as a society we are not ready to leverage photo radar more; our privacy rights are stressed in so many ways that I personally think we should stop restricting photo radar because of this. Driver behavior is influenced by “real” penalties i.e. big fines etc.

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