Budget Review

The 2020 draft operating budget and draft 2020-2022 capital budget has been tabled.  They have been prepared per the direction given by Council that the annual tax levy is not to be greater than 2.9%.  The draft budget proposes 2.89% for 2020 and forecast 2.88% for 2021 and 2.85% for 2022.  On January 17th Council will receiving the budgets and will begin the process of understanding and discussing.  Intent is to approve a budget January 27.  Below I have identified how public can review the budget; public are invited to provide comment either at the Committe of Whole (COW) meetings or to provide feedback to me and/or other members of Council.

Council meetings January 17 are very much focussed on budget.  At 5 pm there is a Committee of Whole (COW) Working Session at which Finance will review in detail the budget; public is able to listen.  At 6 the regular Council and COW will begin; in the latter the sole agenda item is the draft budget.   Here is the Staff report. To see the schedules identified in the Staff report, click here and scroll down.  Staff have also digitized the budget binder which is very comprehensive:  full review of business plans and program changes.   As always public can make deputations during the COW.

At time of writing I have not had adequate time to make comment. I welcome your comments.


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