King Station’s Development on Keele

At January 27 Council there is a public meeting for the development on Keele south of King Road.  This is a long awaited project as it has been over five years since the hoarding featuring a  decorative mural was erected; during this time the site has been cleaned of contamination. What is proposed is very much needed in King City:  one and two bedroom apartments.  As reviewed in the report there are still some issues to be resolved and there are some enhancements to improve it but I believe we are at a very point in this project.  The public meeting is the opportunity for the public to identify concerns, ask questions.  As it is a public meeting there is no need to register; if you cannot attend but want to express support or concern you can contact me directly or send your comments to [email protected]

As expressed above this format of housing is very much needed in King; it offers alternate housing form (rent versus own) and smaller than what it exists currently. The location is ideal as it is within walking distance to GO train and to York Region transit.  The proposed design is very appropriate for the existing streetscape on Keele. The location is ideal for the proposed 4 storeys as the property drops off dramatically and behind it there are no residents to be negatively affected by the height as behind it there is a rail corridor. Also, this is a good place to add commercial space given the businesses in place both across the street and further north.


To my mind there are two outstanding issues.  First, clearly, a solution needs to be found to address the drainage issue identified by All Saints Anglican Church.  Second, I want to hear the specific plans for constructing this property to high standards of sustainability.  Consistent with the latter I am pleased to see attention being given to the mature tree stand on the adjacent property.  As noted  these trees, in addition to being valuable in terms of being a carbon sink, their height will complement the new 4 storey structure.  Here is the report.

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