Public Meeting: for Keele south of King Road

At January 27 Council meeting there is a public meeting regarding the application to build a 4 storey mixed use building including 23 apartments and commercial spaces at grade on west side of Keele south of King Road.  The public meeting is the opportunity for the public to identify questions and to express their point of view about the proposal.  The Staff report on the application will be posted on on January 23rd.  Here is the formal notice for the meeting with a few more details.

2 Responses to “ “Public Meeting: for Keele south of King Road”

  1. James Bruce Craig says:

    I believe this proposed mixed use building in King City has the potential to be a very positive addition to the core area of King City.

    I strongly advocate for building to high LEED standards Platinum or equivalent.

    Design and construction could include: Making the building very energy efficient with long term savings on heating and cooling, roof mounts in place for solar panels for clean renewable generating of electricity, water conservation features, consideration of geothermal heating and cooling, EV charging in place.

    I think some of the concept drawings shared to date are generally attractive and will complement King City.

    I’m hopeful that the cost of the residential units will be in what I would call a “more affordable” range than many of the other new residential units in King City (newer single detached homes and townhouses).

    I look forward to seeing something proceed that is future-oriented by addressing the climate emergency through the design and features, and makes efficient use of materials and space for both residential and commercial uses in the core.

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